Dave McIntyre

Senior Software Developer

It looks like I am the only veteran on the team (Nixon couldn’t protect the USA without me).  As with others of my age I began my technology career in the mainframe era (IBM 360/370) working with punch cards and reel to reel backup tapes stored nightly at our local branch bank.

I have been implementing and supporting Sage solutions, since the initial release of MAS 90 by State of the Art software.  It has been remarkable to see the Sage 100 product mature over the years providing best of breed solutions to small and mid-size businesses.

I’m a technical specialist, with knowledge of the applications and feature sets of every new version of Sage 100, along with many Sage add-ons and several third-party programs that add feature/functionality to Sage 100.  As a senior consultant I break through technology barriers so  customers don’t have to struggle. I do this because running your business is your job; figuring out how to make software work for you is my job.

Certifications and Qualifications:  

  • Sage 100 Application Consultant
  • Sage 100 Implementation Consultant
  • Sage Alerts and Crystal Reports
  • Sage Fixed Assets Sales Consultant
  • Bachelor of Arts – Economics