A cloud ERP system is the best way to drive growth for your company. This is true if you’re a small, mid-sized, or enterprise-level business.

If you’re not convinced, this list of 10 ways cloud ERP software helps your company grow will help you see the undeniable benefits.

Cloud ERP Software—10 Ways It Supports Company Growth

What does your company need from a cloud ERP system?

  1. Grows with your business

It can be expensive to maintain legacy ERP systems over time, particularly if the manufacturer no longer supports them. Making legacy systems work with newer applications, hiring custom programmers, and keeping security up to date can add up to considerable costs.

Cloud-based software will scale easily and quickly with your company, and it will stay current as it grows, saving you time and money.   

  1. Reduces risk

The security of legacy software may be outdated if it isn’t supported by its manufacturer anymore. Outdated security is a disaster waiting to happen.

With new cloud ERP software, your data is as safe as possible with the latest security updates.

  1. Minimizes manual data entry

Accounting and inventory management are made more accessible with cloud ERP software. Taking steps to reduce manual entry will reduce errors that naturally occur, resulting in more accurate data.

  1. Consolidates systems

The advantage of using an ERP is that it can consolidate formerly separate systems into one. As a result, data is accessible from one central location.

  1. Real-time data

Cloud ERP software provides real-time data access. As a result, data in a cloud system is updated and refreshed immediately, allowing you to make better decisions.

Unlike legacy ERP systems, there are no batch uploads required for system updates.

  1. Increased compliance

You can track compliance items much more easily when you use cloud ERP if you work in an industry subject to strict compliance regulations (OSHA, HIPAA, MSHA, for example).

With more straightforward compliance features, you’ll scale and grow your business in industries that use these rules.

  1. Improved customer service

It is easier to answer customer questions with more accurate and real-time data due to easier retrieval and real-time data. Instead of offering vague delivery times, you can tell customers exactly when to expect their order to arrive.

You will be able to improve service performance and revenue growth with cloud ERP software, resulting in repeat business and revenue growth.

  1. Remote work flexibility

Cloud ERP offers telecommuters full access, unlike on-premises software, which must be accessed from inside the workplace.

When employees must travel or work from home, this is a great benefit as it provides seamless access to the data and workflow needed.

  1. Automates tasks

Cloud ERP systems can automate many time-consuming functions. Payment processing, payroll processing, routing material for customer approval, and invoicing customers fall under this category.

All of this translates into significant time savings, which allows workers to focus on tasks that will help grow the company in the long run.

  1. Additional specialized functions

Integrating cloud ERP with other platforms or software packages allows a basic ERP system to expand into multiple resources: warehouse management systems, fixed asset management, human resources management … the list is endless.

ERP: Bringing Your Business to the Next Level

An ERP system that is the right fit for your business can help you grow extraordinarily. You can see how this plays out in actual companies by reviewing our success stories, which highlight how ERP has transformed multiple businesses in various industries.

If you’re ready to learn more, contact us today for a free consultation.