Sage BusinessWorks

Ideal for Small, Growing Businesses

As your business grows, you tend to outgrow the “off-the-shelf” entry-level bookkeeping software that you’re probably extremely fond of using. The easy to use, easy to fix mistakes and extremely inexpensive software simply cannot keep up with your growing operational needs. You’re adding more customers, products, employees and headaches than you thought possible, but you’re not quite ready to invest in a mid-market level ERP system. Sage BusinessWorks is ideal for businesses like yours that are caught in the middle.

Sage BusinessWorks Features and Functionality

Sage BusinessWorks is a powerful, easy-to-use accounting solution designed for small to medium sized businesses with one to 50 employees and $500K to $5M in revenue that have outgrown basic off-the-shelf accounting packages. Offering features usually found in systems costing thousands of dollars more, Sage BusinessWorks puts information vital to the success of your business at your fingertips. It combines robust features and high-level performance through fully integrated modules and multi-user networking capabilities to give you the power to run your growing business with maximum efficiency.

Accounts Payable

Manage your expenditures and organize vendor information and transactions.

Accounts Receivable

Maintain customer information from credit management to sales analysis.

Cash Management

Manage your company’s cash transaction processing and reconciliation.

Custom Office

Microsoft Office integration to deliver targeted mail merge, attachment management, and custom worksheet capabilities.

General Ledger

Maintain financial information including transaction history and budget information for up to nine fiscal years.


Manage inventory levels with light manufacturing capabilities, serial number tracking and multi-warehouse support.

Job Cost

Easily budget, control, and manage jobs to achieve greater profit potential

Order Entry

Process quotes, sales orders, invoices, and access customer historical data including shipping addresses.


Comprehensive database of employee information to allow easy compilation of paychecks, W-2’s and governmental reports.

Purchase Order

Track purchase orders from entry to fulfillment and generate purchase orders based on inventory stock levels, EOQ, and order point information.

System Manager

Move easily from task to task using the system manager, which supports up to 45 concurrent users.

Integrate with Third-Party Products

Accounting and business productivity software that work together smoothly give you maximum power and efficiency. Through seamless integration with Microsoft Office, Crystal Reports and many other third-party products, Sage BusinessWorks gives you the tools you need for a highly productive, comprehensive business solution. And Sage BusinessWorks is so easy to learn that virtually anyone, even those with little or no accounting experience, can use the software.

Are you ready for Sage BusinessWorks?

If you are looking for an accounting solution that provides extensive reporting capabilities and unmatched ease of use for your small business, then Sage BusinessWorks is the product for you.