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Software Services and Support

Since 1986, ASI has been providing services and partnering with businesses to solve their most challenging issues. Whether you’ve outgrown your current accounting software or you need a more complex system to organize your growing inventory, ASI will create a system molded to your specific needs. We know that searching for a more advanced accounting solution costs businesses extra time and money. Because of this, we work diligently to provide only what is necessary to accomplish your goals in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Implementation Services

Installation, setup, and configuration services that helps you get the most out of your new investment.

Training Services

Our Sage 100 certified trainers will have you up and running in no time with onsite or remote training services.

Support Services

We know the software AND we get to know your business to deliver the personalized support and services you need.

When we establish a relationship with a client, we get acquainted with you and your business. We want to understand what works for your company, as well as how you and your employees function as a team. Once we have completed this process, we will create a customized software solution and services plan that will be most beneficial to the growth of your business.

Our software implementation, training, and support experience will help you to achieve the results your business needs. Every Advisor on ASI’s staff is highly trained in ERP and accounting software and will provide the personalized attention necessary to accomplish your goals. Our careful vetting process ensures that we hire technicians who are skilled, dedicated, and are knowledgeable in the latest solutions.

When choosing Accounting Systems, Inc., you can feel confident that you are getting unparalleled expertise in the analysis and development of your ERP software solutions. Call us today for an in-depth needs assessment and see how ASI can optimize your business systems.

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Our Full Range of Software Services

Business Consulting
We can assist businesses such as distribution companies, inventory warehouses, businesses reliant on shipping and receiving, and everything in between. After we establish a product which suits your needs, we will install the system and offer technical assistance to get up and running. Once the software is in place and all of your employees are trained, we will continue to provide support when needed. ASI technicians are based nationwide, and we can solve many problems remotely if immediate assistance is required.
Custom Programming
Even excellent software cannot always meet the specific needs of your company. In those cases, a partner skilled in development of custom software and licensed to modify your business systems is important.

As a Sage Development Partner, ASI is able to provide industry-specific modifications and enhancements to make your Sage 100 Standard (Formerly Sage ERP MAS 90) or Sage 100 Advanced (Formerly Sage ERP MAS 200) modules perform exactly the way you need them to. New features can be added, third-party software can be seamlessly integrated, and entire modules can be written to fit your company like a glove. Our clients have found this to be a tremendous advantage in helping to solve the most critical business issues that are not part of the “out of the box” solution.

Fixed Fee Engagements
Are you tired of open-ended time and materials projects where you’re at the mercy of someone else to get the project done? Or, how about the mistakes and misunderstandings that only prolong the hours spent trying to get it right? Wouldn’t you like to know how much a project is going to cost before it starts?

If you’re looking for a better way, then look no further than ASI. We’ll work with you, not against you. With a fixed fee engagement, we’re both striving for the same level of success the first time around. You get a fixed fee no matter how long it takes. If we goof, the additional cost of making it right is on us. We’ll work together to define the scope of the engagement. We provide you with a fixed fee proposal. Once you’ve approved the engagement, we begin the work and communicate with you every step of the way.

Project Management
ASI believes that our customers succeed when we manage software deployments and all engagements as projects. We work with you to create vision statements to set goals, and scope documents to set objectives and to describe the work and responsibilities. Once our proposals are accepted, we initiate the projects and lead project teams which are composed of both customer’s employees and ASI’s project managers and consultants.

• We prioritize and organize the various steps of software implementation projects.
• The project team members are comprised of both ASI and customer key personnel, and selected in collaboration with the customer.
• Our project managers guide the project team during what can be stressful periods of time to effectively complete the project.
• We serve as liaison and resolve conflicts between customer’s accounting, operations, and IT departments.
• We provide project management using real-time collaborative tools.

Software Implementation
Let us help you get the most out of your new investment. From installation, individual module setups, staff training, custom form and report design and even custom programming, we’ll help you design a plan and take the guesswork out of implementing a new solution. And since we’re all on the same page, you can rest assured that it will be done right the first time.
Software Support
You need a resource who not only understands the inter-working of the software you use but someone who understands your business and your business processes. We take pride in offering our clients superior service so they can focus on running their businesses. With several options available, our clients can select the one that’s best suited for their staff and their budget.
Software Training
Sure, you could attend a class or webinar, research the user manuals and help files or even view a self-running tutorial, but is that really the best use of your time? Nobody likes to pay for services when they have the ability to “do-it-yourself”. But this is your business and the impact could be felt not only by you and your employees, but also your customers, vendors and even your competitors.

Make the investment to give your business the competitive advantage it deserves. ASI offers Sage 100 ERP training and support for all of our clients. Let ASI train your staff on how to best utilize the software to promote productivity, efficiency and effectiveness. Bring us back from time to time to review and improve upon current processes or when your business changes or you’ve hired new staff. You’ll be glad you did.

System Review
Have you been using your software for a long time? Ever wonder if the way you set everything up back then is still relevant now? Have you gotten complacent with the status quo? Maybe it’s time to review your system and find out why you do the things you do and if there’s a better way.

The process is simple, but the results can be game-changing. Perhaps you could benefit from a few minor tweaks, or maybe it’s time to for a complete overhaul. Whatever the case, we’ll take an inventory of where you are now and make suggestions for improvement.

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