Businesses run on data. Without data, there are no strategies or business plans. Because data is so central to a successful company, it’s very important that your data is precise, accurate, and available in real time. Real-time data can sometimes be difficult to gather: antiquated or manual systems can introduce major delays in data gathering. Thankfully, there is a solution! With a modern ERP like Sage 100, you can gather real-time data efficiently and precisely. Read on to find out more about real-time data reporting and how it can benefit your business.

What is Real-Time Reporting?

Real-time reporting uses machine learning to analyze data at the same time it is produced somewhere in your business. Reports include both historical and current data to predict future trends. With real-time data, you can provide decision-makers with reports without worrying about whether something has changed without your knowledge.

The way many companies achieve real-time reporting is through their ERP. An ERP creates a centralized, integrated business management platform across many departments and functions of the business. Every ERP system comes with reporting functions; these can include inventory analysis, scheduling priorities, financial reports, and more.

Benefits of Real-Time Reporting

More and more businesses have been moving to real-time reporting to make more informed decisions every day. Real-time reporting can provide the following benefits:

  1. Precise planning: Real-time reporting can show you exactly what is happening on the shop floor, upcoming demand, customer requirements, and inventory levels. By seeing all this data in one place and in real time, you can make informed decisions and create the best plans for your business’s future.
  2. Error reduction: With real-time updates, you can spot errors and quickly fix them before they become bigger problems. You’ll be able to see where your business needs to improve and take appropriate steps to address the problems.
  3. Improved customer service: Real-time data means a much more accurate schedule, which will keep customers informed of their order’s progress, thus improving their loyalty and satisfaction.
  4. Lowered costs: Although this benefit may come as a surprise, if you are able to schedule and plan your company’s operations quickly and efficiently, you’ll save money on both inventory and logistics.
  5. Informed management: With real-time data, the managers in each department have important insights into their team’s performance and which areas need to be strengthened.
  6. Savvy marketing: By understanding the real-time trends of customer orders, customer demographics, and more, your marketing team can develop targeted campaigns to increase profitability and visibility in the correct markets for your products.

Why Sage 100?

If this all sounds great to you but you don’t yet have an ERP in place, we recommend looking into Sage 100. Among many other benefits, Sage 100 has real-time reporting capabilities that are enhanced by business intelligence tools. Some of the things you can do in Sage 100’s reporting features include:

  • Group data into many different categories like date, customer, product, place, project, etc.
  • Create user-friendly dashboards with interactive charts, graphs, and diagrams
  • Apply customizable filters to display only the desired data
  • Access data in different currencies in just one step
  • Export data to many different formats such as PDF, Excel, HTML, CSV, XML, etc.
  • Use modular report designs that combine different tables, charts, and sub-reports
  • Schedule batch report generation with multiple outputs and channels

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re looking to improve your business’s reporting capabilities with real-time reporting, look no further than ASIFocus. We can provide ERP implementation, integration, customization, and consulting services. Find out more with a free consultation.