A long time in the making, Sage 100 Payroll 2.0. (aka “Payroll 2018”) is the next-generation payroll module that has been modernized to improve performance   and user experience.  Since it represents a significant change, we wanted to introduce you to a few how-to videos that should help you with a smooth transition from the legacy payroll module.

How to Convert Payroll Data

This video teaches you how to convert data from your legacy payroll (Sage 100 2017 and earlier) using the new Payroll Conversion Wizard.

WATCH: How to Convert Payroll Data

Payroll 2018 Setup and Options

In this video, you’ll learn about the changes to the various setup options for Payroll including those for the Earnings Codes, Deduction Codes, and Time Off Codes.

WATCH: Payroll 2018 Setup

How to Create and Use Tax Profiles

Learn how to setup new tax profiles the system uses to calculate employee federal, state, and local taxes.

WATCH: Payroll 2018 Tax Profiles

NOTE: The initial release of Payroll 2018 is not yet compatible with the TimeCard module. If you use TimeCard, you’ll need to wait until the release of Sage 100 2018 PU1 (early 2018) before upgrading payroll.