How can role-based ERP software help your company thrive? By empowering managers with a full suite of business management applications connecting every aspect of their company is the answer. Managers receive insight into people, processes, and data with role-based dashboards so they can make critical decisions in a timely manner.

Business Benefits of Role-Based ERPs

Whether you run a wholesale, retail, or commerce business, there is an ERP that delivers adaptable cloud and mobile technology for the complex processes your business works with every day. Acumatica’s role-based ERP software is essential because it is organized by roles, allowing management, CEOs, and employees to create views that reflect their job functions. You can configure role-based dashboards for each sector, so everyone has exactly what they need to work efficiently.

Simplified custom workflow configuration means you can change workflows and approvals to match the needs of your business. Customization allows for efficient task management that can easily move from one process or role to the next with ease. Efficiency drives growth, reduces cost, increases profit, and improves customer quality and service while also making employees’ jobs easier.

Reduced Risk

You don’t need anyone to tell you the importance of security. What you may not know is that role-based software reduces risk, increasing your level of security. The reason is simple: All data is important, but not everyone in your organization needs access to every piece of data.

The right ERP will allow you to limit access based on the individual user and what that user needs to know to get their job done. Not only does this keep information more secure, but it also saves time because no one has to sort through unnecessary information.

Efficient Resource Planning

Efficient resource planning is vital for any business, particularly those in the retail and commerce sector. Designing custom workflows for every part of an organization makes it easy to monitor inventory and supplies in real-time.

This information, in the form of reports and alerts, allows managers to make quick decisions based on current inventory for accurate material planning and resource scheduling. Accurate planning creates a consistent and reliable commerce experience for customers. You can also create automated purchases for better customer service.

See How Role-Based Software Can Boost Your Business

If you’re ready to learn the features and benefits of Acumatica’s role-based software, download the infographic and see how your business can see the big picture of business processes. Then contact our experts to see how we can customize a solution for your unique business needs.