While the paperless office may never happen—in fact, in the UK, two-thirds of surveyed business managers admitted they can’t function without paper—there are still easy ways to reduce the amount of paper your office uses, and technologies to help you do it.

Altec DocLink provides streamlined document management for companies. The Altec DocLink product enables companies to search, store, retrieve, and send any document securely. It works with multiple platforms, including Acumatica ERP, automatically capturing enterprise level transactions and routing them to recipients. Acumatica document management reduces paperwork and enables easy document search right from your desktop.

And, Altec DocLInk is now Acumatica Certified.

What Does It Mean to Be Acumatica Certified?

Acumatica is a cloud-based ERP system for mid-sized manufacturers that helps companies manage their accounting, finance, and other business needs through one interconnected, web-based application. Companies using Acumatica can set up individual profiles for each user or based on grand role-based permissions. Employees can also customize their dashboards, so they have what they need right at their fingertips. Additional applications that integrate seamlessly with Acumatica add human resources, distribution, and other functions to the basic application to create a system that works for your business needs.

Partner programs, like Acumatica has with Altec DocLink, add extensions to Acumatica’s base program which augment the basic product. DocLink’s partner program allows it to add document management to the Acumatica platform.

Benefits of Altec DocLink

Have you ever spent precious minutes searching your office for that one form you know you had, but now you can’t find? How about those times when a customer calls and asks to have their bill sent to them again—can you find it?

With Altec DocLink, it’s easy to search and send from your desktop. You can access enterprise-wide forms, such as purchase orders, and share them with others. You can send customers their bills, scan bills of lading, and so much more. It makes Acumatica document management easy.

Altec DocLink can help you:

  • Reduce the volume of paper-based documents
  • Save time by organizing documents more efficiently
  • Send documents to customers
  • Scan paper-based documents into a system that integrates with Acumatica
  • Provide enhanced customer service through email-based document sharing

As a Certified Acumatica partner, you can trust that Altec DocLink works seamlessly with Acumatica.

Acumatica and ASI

Fortunately, with Acumatica’s ability to interconnect, each organization that implements Acumatica can customize their business management software. Just as every business is unique, Acumatica users can create their unique and efficient systems for business. But you don’t have to figure it all out for yourself. Accounting Systems Inc. is here to help. We have the expertise to ensure you only get the software and platforms you need and we’ll both help you install and support it. Reach out today and let ASI find the perfect Acumatica, DocLink, and partner platform combination for your every business need.