Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 4.45.59 PMStrike the Balance Between Too Much and Not Enough

Managing inventory is much more than simply keeping track of how much you have on hand. For some companies, inventory is both the biggest asset on the books and the hardest to manage.  Optimizing inventory levels requires a special balancing act as well as the right tools and insight. Let’s take a closer look at how the Sage Inventory Advisor add-on for Sage 100 can help.

What is Inventory Optimization?

Simply put, Inventory Optimization is striking the perfect balance between stocking as little inventory as possible while still having enough on-hand to satisfy customer demand and fill orders quickly. Because when you stock too much inventory, you drive carrying costs up, use up warehouse space, and increase the risk of inventory obsolescence and write-offs. But when you stock too little inventory, you might have problems filling customer orders in a timely fashion – and that puts you at risk of losing the customer to a competitor or having to purchase more expensive “emergency” stock from another vendor.

What is Sage Inventory Advisor?

Even though Sage 100 does a fantastic job of tracking inventory and managing transactions, the “core” functionality isn’t equipped to handle the complexities of true inventory optimization. That’s where Sage Inventory Advisor comes in – a cloud-based add-on solution for Sage 100.

Sage Inventory Advisor integrates seamlessly with your Sage 100 system pulling transactions and historical data out, crunching the numbers using powerful algorithms, and feeding back the insight you need to optimize inventory. User-friendly dashboards and visual gauges provide a clear picture of inventory health and quickly directs you to items requiring your immediate attention.

In short, Sage Inventory Advisor clearly spells out how much to order and when. And in the process of “right-sizing” inventory levels, you’ll improve fill rates, reduce stock-outs, free up cash that’s tied up in inventory, and significantly reduce the time you might be spending today fumbling around in spreadsheets and manually crunching numbers.

Want to See a Demo?

Get in touch and we’ll follow up to schedule a demo so you can see how Sage Inventory Advisor works hand-in-hand with Sage 100 to help you strike the perfect balance between too much and not enough!

Contact us to request a copy of this eBook: How Businesses Optimize Inventory. This eBook provides insight about inventory optimization and why it is critically important.