Cloud-based systems offer unprecedented flexibility and cost-savings. There’s no costly hardware to install, no software updates to purchase. Instead, your system and data reside on a server outside of your company, accessed wherever you can access the internet. Many ERP systems such as Acumatica make cloud solutions accessible by the average small business.

With cloud ERP solutions, however, comes risk. The risk to your data integrity is slight, and probably less than if you hosted your own servers on site. By performing your due diligence and taking a few extra steps, you can mitigate most potential risks from cloud-based solutions.

Know Your Cloud Service Provider

Trust only reputable cloud-based solutions, such as Acumatica. Know from whom you are receiving your services. A good cloud host has a vested interest in ensuring their data is secure. They upgrade their cybersecurity constantly, and take great care to protect your data and that of other customers. Take time to investigate the cloud host and make sure they are a reputable company with a good record of successfully providing uninterrupted service for their clients.

Ask About Backups

Ask your cloud service provider about the frequency with which they back up their data. Understanding their backup system will help you make your own contingency plans if something goes awry and you need to reinstall data.

Do They Test Their Systems?

Some companies test their own systems against potential cyberattacks. Ask if the company you are considering runs such tests. They should look for loopholes and potential breaks in their security that can be exploited by hackers. The more they can identify, the better they can be patched.

Get References

Reputable companies are happy to provide you with references. Ask for business references for potential cloud-based providers and check all references through personal phone calls.

Establish User Policies

Establish user policies when your new system is in place. Specify who can access the system, and use two-part security and encryption to keep your data safe. Set guidelines about who can use the system, and monitor use carefully. BYOD (bring your own device) policies should establish security guidelines. Many companies who allow employees to use their own devices to access secure, cloud-based servers need to lock down access and support stringent security to prevent problems.

Security Is Just the Beginning

With every innovation comes some drawback or risk. Cloud-based systems are no exception. Although the rewards of using cloud-based systems far outweigh the risks, it’s smart to be cautious when introducing new cloud technology into your company.

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