Sage-Inventory-AdvisorThe world is quickly changing and in order to truly succeed in today’s consumer-driven, fast-paced culture, distributors need to be able to respond quickly to change both in the industry and within the warehouse. More often than not, this requires distributors to move from old or outdated inventory management software solutions to innovative solutions and technology. Newer solutions provide distributors with instant access to accurate inventory numbers and real-time visibility, allowing them to identify problems before they arise and respond to inventory changes quickly. This translates into substantial cost-savings, fewer stock-outs, better planning, and more satisfied customers, giving distributors a leg up over the competition.

Investing in inventory management software does not have to be costly nor difficult. In fact, achieving inventory accuracy can be as simple as integrating inventory management tools with software you already own. If you are currently using Sage 100 ERP (formerly Sage MAS 90 / Sage MAS 200) to manage your business, we suggest giving Sage Inventory Advisor a try. Designed to fully integrate with your Sage 100 ERP solution, Sage Inventory Advisor can help you improve operations in your warehouse or distribution center, streamline purchasing, sales and restocking, enhance customer service, and increase profitability. For small and mid-sized distributors looking to tighten inventory control and achieve a faster ROI on their technology investment, Sage Inventory Advisor is the perfect solution.

In order to truly transform your inventory management process and respond quickly to change, however, distributors need to change how the see the warehouse. Many distributors make the mistake of viewing their warehouses as primarily cost-centers (a part of the organization that adds to a company’s overhead rather than producing a direct profit). With the right technology and processes, however, your warehouse can be transformed into more profit-centered warehouse. Take a look at how Sage Inventory Advisor can influence the following areas:

  • Sales
    With better predictive capabilities in regards to appropriate stock levels and types, you’ll be able to maximize sales by ensuring that you always have the products you need to fulfill orders quickly and efficiently.
  • Customer Satisfaction
    As you know, delivering the right product on time is the key to retaining your customers. The capabilities contained within Sage Inventory Advisor allow you to more effectively meet (and exceed) customer expectations, resulting in higher levels of customer retention and satisfaction. The software allows you to monitor orders every step of the way, helping you avoid errors in shipments and deliver the right product when your customers need it.
  • Consistency
    While it’s hard to put a dollar amount on consistency, any manager will tell you it is crucial for ongoing success. Having a streamlined, intuitive inventory management process can simplify the entire process and result in improved efficiency.
  • Cash Flow
    Protecting your company’s cash flow should be one of your primary concerns. With Sage Inventory Advisor, you have instant access to information on inventory turnover and accurate numbers stock level counts within your Sage 100 ERP software. This allows you to determine which items improve cash flow and which items hinder cash flow so you can continue reaching your profit goals.

Ultimately, Sage Inventory Advisor creates value-added processes so you can quickly and efficiently respond to change in any situation. With streamlined processes and increased efficiency, you can rest assured knowing that you have the information you need to make wise inventory decisions. For more information about what Sage Inventory Advisor can do for your business, contact us today. We’d love to help you discover how you can solve your inventory challenges and achieve greater profitability through an innovative inventory management solution.