LeChiffre RansomwareLeChiffre Ransomware

A recent post on the Sage Support website warns of a new system threat called the “LeChiffre Ransomware Virus.” Here are some details and what you should be aware of:

What is the Threat?

Sage reports that some Sage 100 customers may have one or more of their machines compromised by a ransomware virus called ‘LeChiffre’. The following error message displays when starting Sage 100:

“Unable to create session object”

If you see this message, it means that the Sage 100 program files have been infected with the virus which renames the actual file, adds the extension *.LeChiffre, and encrypts the file rendering it unrecoverable.

How to Resolve

We recommend that you contact us immediately or get in touch with your trusted IT support provider to remove the virus from ALL machines on your network.

After removing the virus from all machines AND your backup files, restore the entire “..MAS90” directory from a recent backup made BEFORE LeChiffre affected the system.

Note: Paperless Office PDF files may be affected and need to be restored as well.

For full details, click below to read the virus description, resolution, and disclaimer before starting any of these processes on your own:

Sage Knowledgebase Article on LeChiffre