What if you never had to update tax tables in your ERP system again?


Any Accounting Manager or Controller can quickly explain how difficult tax rate tables can be to work with, especially if they meet some common criteria:

  • They do business in multiple states or jurisdictions (or more than one country)
  • They buy, sell, or resell multiple products or services that could be taxable at more than one rate
  • They engage in a supply chain that requires the collection of sales tax, use tax, and exemption certificates

But it’s not just business complexity that makes tax rate tables difficult. Sales and use tax rates and rules are constantly changing at local, state, and federal levels, meaning any company who manages tax compliance manually has to spend time researching rates and updating their tax tables.

Stop wasting time, energy, and resources on activities that don’t generate revenue.

Download Avalara’s free whitepaper, “Tax Compliance and the ERP System,” to learn how you can leverage your existing ERP system to automate sales tax, saving time and money and reducing error and audit risk.