Remember when clouds were nothing more than meteorological phenomena? Now, we refer to saving files, data, and entire software programs “to the cloud” as casually as we say we’re going to the grocery store. Unlike its atmospheric counterparts, the technological cloud doesn’t exist on its own. It needs other technologies to supplement its computing platforms.

While there are many technologies and vendors emerging to enable cloud computing, here’s one trend we’re keeping a close watch on in 2019.

“Platform-itization” of Emerging Technologies

We’ve already become familiar with software as a service (SaaS). No longer do you purchase a physical box containing tangible disks with the data to run Microsoft Office. Even many ERPs—such as Acumatica—are cloud-based, making it easier to install the system for your company and scale it to your growth year over year.

Now with the platform-itization of emerging technologies, cloud-provided services are evolving, with cloud providers being the enablers and testing grounds. Some of the technologies you may see platform-itized include Blockchain, VR, microservices, augmented analytics, IoT, AI, and more.

Why It’s Important

Moving all these technologies into as-a-service formats sounds important. But what does it really mean for businesses?

Let’s look at blockchain as an example. Blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) means that an external service provider has set up all the required blockchain technology and infrastructure for a customer for a specified fee. This fee ensures that the BaaS provider will set up and maintain blockchain connected nodes on the customer’s behalf, handling the complicated back-end so the customer doesn’t have to.

BaaS is a great solution, especially for small businesses who might not have the technology or infrastructure necessary on their own, to leverage cloud-based solutions for building, hosting, and using their blockchain apps. Offering blockchain as a service aids blockchain adoption across businesses.

By using BaaS, a company essentially “outsources” the technically complex work, so they can focus on their own core activities. For something like the internet of things (IoT), turning IoT into a service—the amusingly-coined IoTaaS—lowers the barrier of entry to deploying IoT solutions.

Leveraging aaS Models

“As a service” models have become increasingly more common in today’s commoditized IT world. So how do you best leverage them for SMBs? First, aaS models keep the important things running. Once that load is off the client’s shoulders, they have more time to focus on their core job instead of sweating over infrastructure or performance-related issues.

Second—and probably more important—is that aaS enables the rapid innovation, configuration, design, and integration of smart products with enterprise-grade systems and applications. This reduces the product manufacturer’s go-to-market cycle and increases the speed at which they innovate. Small businesses can then focus on delivering the best smart products and staying ahead of the competition

Preparing for aaS Platforms

Cloud computing is becoming less of a novelty and more of a trustworthy standard for businesses worldwide. Like the other emerging aaS services, even ERPs come as SaaS, software as a service. Leading cloud ERP provider Acumatica empowers small and mid-sized organizations to expand business and support continued growth, all without sustaining overlarge operating fees. Using ERP SaaS, businesses are set up in the sweet spot to modernize and advance their solutions without needing the heavy technology—and without needing to add headcount to run it.

Prepare for aaS platforms by adding a cloud-based SaaS to your services today. Acumatica Cloud is safe, accessibly, and flexible. A SaaS solution such as Acumatica Cloud could rapidly improve your growth and productivity and set you up for future aaS success.

Ready to put your head in the clouds and work with more aaS software providers? Accounting Systems, Inc. can keep your feet on the ground while empowering you to grow your business into the stratosphere. With offices across the U.S. and training that can be either remote or face-to-face, ASI commits to making sure all your end users know how best to leverage Acumatica for their job descriptions. Let our expert consultants tie together national reach with a local touch. No matter how far away a cloud may seem.

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