ERPDo you every feel like you are an American Ninja Warrior when faced with the obstacles of managing multiple warehouses? Controlling inventory levels and costs is quite the challenge on its own. Managing multiple warehouses may seem more like facing the near-impossible obstacles of the Jumping Spider and the Warped Wall.

Managing your warehouse is not a simple task. Juggling multiple orders, suppliers, customers and inventory is a big job. When you serve multiple channels, it might feel like you need to be an American Ninja Warrior to get it all done well.

When you’re faced with multichannel fulfillment, the following tips can help you be a warehouse management warrior. Using your ERP and warehouse automation tools, you can overcome inventory management obstacles with ease.

Strategy #1: Automation is essential for seamless inventory control.

The more order channels your company adds to the mix, the more that automated inventory control can help. Barcodes make inventory control more accurate and less time-consuming. Instead of manually checking inventory, scanning a bar code takes only seconds, and provides accurate counts on items. Bar code technology can be used in multiple warehouses or fulfillment locations with centralized data accessible to everyone in the company.

Strategy #2: Integration with ERP planning systems. 

Warehouse management products that integrate with ERP systems such as Acumatica and Sage 100 provide real-time, accurate, 360-degree data on inventory status, product sales, and more. This type of information can enhance inventory control in many ways. Such data can help you determine which products need to be restocked at what time. It can also help you streamline fulfillment and pick, pack, and ship methods by understanding your most frequently purchased items. You can maximize your warehouse space and enhance productivity based on warehouse and other company-wide ERP data.

Strategy #3:  Invest in mobile warehouse technology. 

Mobile technology including barcode scanning makes it easier to get many different locations onto the same system. Cloud-based technology makes mobile warehouse management software affordable and secure. It enables you to add many locations, including multiple warehouses or truck-based inventory, into the same system. It’s as easy as adding materials from your storefront or single site warehouse. If you’re running multichannel fulfillment operations and shipping from multiple sites, mobile warehouse management makes it much easier to keep track of the details.

Warehouse management is challenging with one location. When you have multiple locations and multiple sales channels, it becomes even more difficult. Fortunately, integrated ERP and warehouse management tools can help you be a hero to your company by managing inventory and warehouse systems like never before.

ASI Helps You Overcome Warehouse Challenges

Accounting Systems, Inc., (ASI) can help you overcome the challenges of multiple warehouse management. Through great ERP software like Sage 100 and Acumatica, inventory control systems, and warehouse automation, we make it easier to track, manage, and monitor inventory levels. If you would like a demo, contact us or give us a call at (803) 252-6154. Our distribution experts can help you reap the benefits of an inventory control system.