3-must-haves-in-erp-systemDo your financial reports take longer to complete than necessary? Are your financial accounts riddled with mistakes? Are your company’s financial processes no longer effective and in need of a reboot? Are you lacking the information you need to make decisions for your company?

If so, it’s time to invest in a modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

Accounting and ERP software has changed over the years, but the premise is the same: to help companies effectively manage their finances and every other area of the business. Many of today’s ERP solutions contain modules for every area of the business – human resources, sales, inventory management – in order to streamline business management and simplify data sharing among the company. Modern ERP systems are without a doubt helpful to many businesses, but with so many options on the market, how do you know which features are “must-haves” for a successful ERP implementation?

Experts agree that the most effective ERP software solutions contain the following three features:

1. Mobility: Today’s businesses are more mobile than ever, and they need their software to be mobile too. From telecommuting employees to sales personnel and traveling business partners, mobile options make all the difference between an unproductive and productive staff. Mobility increases productivity rates, improves customer service, can deepen business relationships, and aid in better overall decision-making. If your company is deciding between ERP with or without mobile options, always go with mobile. Today and in the future, mobile will make all the difference in your ability to be forward-thinking and connected.

2. Scalability: A scalable ERP solution is important, especially if you are planning to grow anytime in the near future. Today’s marketplace is ever changing and businesses are changing to grow with the times. The inability to grow in your ERP capabilities can be damaging to your business and result in business inefficiencies. With scalable software, however, you have the option of meeting today’s needs knowing that you can expand upon those capabilities in the future.

3. Collaboration and Integration: Effective ERP software can transform your business, but if only certain areas of your company have access to the information obtained in ERP, its reach is limited. Modern ERP solutions should have built-in collaboration and integration tools to encourage information sharing among departments and personnel. Whether you need to connect your accounting software with your CRM solution or warehouse management, it is important that the option be available without extensive customization.

If your ERP system is lacking any of the above, you are missing out on critical functionality. Modern ERP solutions use today’s technology to create a system that will effectively manage tomorrow’s businesses. Contact us to learn more about moving to a more modern ERP software platform.

For more information about enterprise resource planning (ERP) and the best technology options for your business, download our whitepaper, “The Four Wheels Driving Your Business into the Future.”