In today’s tight job market, hiring and retaining employees can be a challenge. Young employees often change jobs frequently, and highly qualified workers are in high demand. But your company will not be a success without committed, skilled, and satisfied employees.

While there is no easy solution to the issue of employee recruitment and retention, you can give your business the best chance of success at recruiting top talent by ensuring that your company operates on effective technology. A modern ERP like Sage 100 not only increases productivity, but also improves recruitment, onboarding, job satisfaction, and retention.


With the right customizations and add-ons, Sage 100 can automate key HR functions to impress prospective employees before they even interact with you in person. Modern technology can sift through stacks of resumes to find candidates with the experience you’re looking for. Through this process—as well as other automations—your HR team can gain back valuable time and money that they can instead spend on interviewing and reaching out to candidates. The prospective employees will be impressed by such a personal approach.

In addition, to attract skilled employees and young workers who have grown up using technology, your business needs to use the best software solutions and technological advancements. Innovations like 3D BIM modeling, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and even drones can attract candidates who enjoy working with cutting-edge technology.


Once you’ve attracted the right employees to your company, you need to integrate them into your culture and operations. Without a welcoming, comprehensive onboarding process, new hires will find it much more difficult to adapt to and understand their role in your company. The right technology—like an ERP—can help streamline onboarding by guiding the new employee through job training, enrolling in benefits, and accessing financial processes. Software can give a new hire a single portal through which they can find anything from timecards to paychecks, expense reports to company policies, and PTO requests to shift schedules.

Most ERP vendors also provide on-demand training modules and support along with the software. Taking advantage of these resources allows your employees to understand exactly how to work with the ERP to maximize your company’s investment. And remember, training is an ongoing process, not a one-time event. It may be best to schedule regular training so that employees have updated information on the technology available to them.

Job Satisfaction

Once your new employee has been recruited and onboarded, job satisfaction becomes your key consideration. Technology like Sage 100 can help here, too. When employees have the tools, they need to accomplish their tasks as effectively and efficiently as possible, they will be more satisfied with their job. An ERP can automate many repetitive manual tasks, such as data gathering, entry, and reporting, leaving employees more time to devote to higher-value projects. And even when automation is not the answer, an ERP can streamline workflows by allowing seamless collaboration and data sharing within the company.


If you’ve ensured that your employee is now satisfied with their job, your next goal will be to retain them for as long as possible. Employee turnover can be costly, disruptive, and demoralizing. Technology can allow you to find bottlenecks or issues in your operations before they have a negative impact on your employees’ jobs. Consider surveying your employees about their perspective on their jobs. You should also be sure to provide paths for career and skill growth. Again, HR will have much more time to devote to employee retention if their manual processes are automated.

Unsatisfied Employees? ASI Can Help

At ASI, we have experts at the ready to help you implement, customize, and support your ERP. We also provide employee training to equip your employees to work well with our solutions! Contact us today or schedule a free consultation to learn how an ERP like Sage 100 can transform your business.