tips-for-efficient-ERP-implementationModern ERP tools are meant to drive efficiency. They allow you to automate and standardize business processes, simplify management reporting, and provide a single view of your business health and your customers.

Small and large businesses alike are investing in ERP software systems (such as Sage 100 ERP, formerly Sage ERP MAS 90 and Sage ERP MAS 200) by the droves. Consider the following tips to ensure the success of your software investment:

1. Prepare by assigning internal resources, tidying up your database, figuring out timing issues, and building your business case

2. Put needs and pains in writing and create process flow charts

3. Create a formal request for proposal (ask for specifics and include service!)

4. Run a pilot program with a key stakeholder

5. When you’re ready to deploy do so over time so you can work out kinks, be diligent about user education, and determine metrics to track ROI

Have you recently implemented a new ERP system? Do you have any additional tips to share? Share your experience in the comments below.