Barcoding-Software-BenefitsWhat are your most pressing concerns in regards to warehouse management? Are you worried about high operating costs interfering with your company’s profit, or are you more concerned with solving the problem of lost inventory? Are shipping delays throwing a wrench in your customer satisfaction levels? No matter what your concern, we can almost guarantee that the solution will be found in warehouse automation.

The lack of automated – or streamlined – processes in the warehouse can wreak havoc on a business, and not just from an efficiency standpoint. A lack of automation can contribute to an increase in inventory losses, shipping delays, and customer dissatisfaction levels, all of which have a direct impact on a company’s bottom line. We all know that barcoding can automate time-consuming processes and contribute to higher efficiency levels in the warehouse, but do the benefits really end there? We’ve uncovered 5 unexpected benefits of using barcoding software in the warehouse:

  • Barcoding maintains data accuracy, eliminating the possibility for human error. Everyone knows that with manual data entry comes the possibility for error. A number can easily be misread, a quantity can be mistyped, and the wrong item can be packed and shipped to a customer. Errors are plentiful in warehouses relying on manual data entry.With barcodes, however, the possibility for human error is virtually eliminated. With a simple scan, information is transmitted directly to the company’s ERP system – no interchange necessary. That means you are receiving accurate data you can rely upon with each and every scan.
  • With barcodes, you can literally track anything. There is virtually no limit to the information you can store in a barcode. Companies around the world use barcodes to track crucial information to their operation, such as pricing, item history, and inventory management. They can be customized to contain the relevant information you need to run your operation well. With barcoding software, you can simply scan an item and pull up all the information you ever wanted to know instantly in your company’s ERP system.
  • Barcoding enhances decision-making. Because data is obtained quickly and accurately, business leaders and warehouse managers can make important decisions based on current facts. Many barcoding solutions integrate with ERP systems to provide software users with a real-time view of what is occurring in the warehouse at any given moment. This ultimately leads to improved decision-making, as well as significant time and money savings.
  • Barcoding improves inventory control. Do you ever feel overwhelmed by your inventory situation? If so, barcoding can provide you with the tools you need to get it under control. Because barcoding software makes it possible to track inventory so precisely, inventory levels can be reduced, leading to lower overhead. The location of your equipment can also be tracked using barcodes, reducing the time spent searching for it and the money spent to replace “lost” equipment.
  • Barcoding increases customer satisfaction. One commonly overlooked benefit of barcoding is the increase in customer satisfaction rates that occur after a barcoding solution has been implemented. Because barcoding increases efficiency, customers receive their correct orders faster. This not only leads to more satisfied customers, but it also increases the chances of your customers coming back in the future.

A warehouse without barcodes is like operating without a light. See how barcoding software can illuminate weaknesses in your operation and help you meet your company goals.

For more information about how you can improve your warehouse operation, download our whitepaper, “Keeping pace with the Manufacturing Evolution.”