Distribution ERP software is an excellent tool for giving your management team insights about workflows. It automates these processes so that they flow smoothly, with fewer errors. As a result, your business becomes more efficient and saves money. Deploying distribution ERP software provides a robust framework for workflow automation for your business.

How Distribution ERP Software Helps Automate Your Workflow

Workflow automation takes common processes and systematizes them using technology to manage the system from start to finish for improved efficiency. Distribution ERP software supports the complex workflows found in the distribution industry. Such software handles complex tax regulations and jurisdictions, complicated shipping arrangements, and other situations common to the distribution industry.

There are many benefits derived from using distribution ERP software for workflow automation, but some of the most important benefits for distributors include:

  1. More Transparency Into All Distribution Areas

Distributors face many challenges. Increasing fuel prices, labor shortages, transportation challenges, and shipping lag times are just a few of the problems distributors face on a daily basis.

You can’t improve what you can’t measure—and you can’t measure what you can’t see. In order to address challenges head-on, you need to know what they are and where they exist. That’s where distribution ERP software comes into the picture. Increased transparency into all aspects of your distribution business means you’re able to take proactive steps to address the challenges. This includes better forecasting, smarter inventory management, and enhanced time tracking.

Increasing transparency throughout the distribution workflow also means analyzing progress toward KPIs. With increased transparency comes the ability to measure, monitor, and repeat what works while discarding what doesn’t work.

  1. Faster Order Shipping Equals Better Customer Service

Amazon’s overnight and next-day shipping has set a high bar for people everywhere. This includes your customers, who may be ordering for their business needs but who still expect fast, on-time shipping.

With distribution ERP software, you’ll be able to view inventory levels, reach suppliers who have in-stock items, and process orders quickly. Workflow automation takes out many of the extra steps in the process, too, which speeds things up. The result is faster order fulfillment and reduced shipping times, two things that are almost guaranteed to make your customers happy. Happier customers mean repeat business, which can lead to higher profits.

  1. Lower Error Rates

Along with improving efficiency, automating the workflow also reduces the risk of human error. With an automated workflow, tasks move seamlessly through the system. Computers don’t forget to tackle a step in the workflow, nor do they get distracted or take sick days. With automated task flows, there are fewer opportunities for human errors and mistakes to be introduced into the system.

  1. Streamlined Billing for Faster Payments

Another key benefit for distributors from workflow automation and distribution ERP software is a faster, easier billing process. Distribution ERP software can take the process from job costing through invoicing the customer, send reminders for late payments, and ensure payments are credited to the appropriate accounts. The result is a streamlined billing process that makes it easier to estimate, invoice, and collect payments which reduces open receivables and improves cash flow.

  1. Improved Data Reporting Capabilities

One frustration common to distributors is the challenge of finding the information they need in a standard accounting or operations system. Distribution ERP software offers enhanced search and reporting functions that transform raw data into usable information. Business intelligence and enhanced analytics can also make it much easier to share and interpret complex data.

  1. Enhanced Supply Chain Visibility

Another lesser-known benefit from distribution software is the ability to connect with suppliers. Some cloud ERP systems enable external vendors to connect through secure portals. This connection allows you to monitor inventory among suppliers and choose the supplier who can fill orders the fastest.

Improved supply chain visibility means your company can monitor supply levels, choose the right suppliers for the job, and ensure timely shipping. You can also track goods back to their source to resolve problems or handle customer questions. The right ERP software makes it much easier to see the status of your suppliers and take the appropriate action steps.

  1. Better Strategic Planning

The strategic planning process relies upon accurate and timely information to help managers create the appropriate plans. Workflow automation tightens up the entire distribution process to improve efficiencies, and distribution ERP software provides the data to show how automation has improved profits. Such data helps the strategic planning process by shedding light on areas of progress and areas for improvement. Better reports, accurate information, and timely updates all make strategic planning more effective and beneficial.

Acumatica Cloud ERP Automates Workflow With Ease

Acumatica gives you the benefits of cloud and mobile technology in a complete user model. Your management team can take advantage of real-time visibility of the business at any time, using any device. This software solution makes managing your timesheets, billing, production planning, purchasing, and scheduling a smooth, easy process.

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