Columbia, South Carolina – April 7, 2015 – Accounting Systems, Inc. (ASI), a Sage North America business partner specializing in the sales, implementation and support of Sage 100 ERP, as well as the development of complementary products for Sage 100 ERP, has announced that DSD, Inc. (DSD) will take over the development, marketing, sales and support of the following ASI Additions:

  • Service Center
  • Shipping Integration
  • Company Consolidation
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Farm Plan Interface
  • Product Label Printing
  • Change Batch

Since 2007, Accounting System, Inc. (ASI) has published ASI Additions, a line of enhancement products for Sage 100 ERP (formerly MAS 90 and MAS 200). The ASI Additions have matured and become a mainstay product for many Sage 100 ERP customers. In order to provide the absolute best for those customers and the future of the products, ASI has selected DSD, Inc. (DSD) to take over the development, marketing, sales and support of the above listed ASI Additions.

Brian Kelly, Partner at ASI, states, “DSD is one of the largest and most respected Sage business partners and Master Developers with an excellent track record in the development, distribution and support of many well-known enhancement products and extended solutions. DSD’s commitment to integrity and quality will insure that these products continue to provide benefit for all existing users while expanding the user base and available resources.”

Effective April 7, 2015, all sales and support inquiries will be handled by DSD. At that point the products will be re-branded and modified to conform to DSD’s registration methods. They will be immediately available for updates and new sales.

Existing customers of ASI Additions may continue to use their products without interruption. All future updates including program fixes, product updates and new releases will come directly from DSD. The DSD products will have the same look and functionality, and all of these changes will be completely transparent with the exception of the DSD branding.

While the product line is going to DSD, the ASI team will not be changing.

About Accounting Systems, Inc.

Located in Columbia, South Carolina, Accounting Systems, Inc. (ASI) was started in 1986 to assist companies in selecting a scalable accounting software package that not only met the current needs of their business, but one that would adapt to constant change and future growth. Today, ASI provides products and services designed to streamline a company’s complete infrastructure. Whether your business needs ERP, accounting software, complete network design and maintenance, eBusiness solutions or custom software, ASI has the proven software solutions and services your business needs to grow and thrive.