It’s time for the trees to start changing color. People put away their beachwear and think about putting on their favorite sweaters and cozying up with their favorite hot beverages. Fall is also the time when Acumatica users eagerly anticipate the company’s R2 rollout, with the annual updates.

The following is a list of 2021’s significant updates. Some of them will be interesting to manufacturers.

Acumatica 2021 R2 Release Notes for the Manufacturing Industry

Acumatica has always offered a great ERP for the manufacturing industry. The company has made several updates to the production schedule interface, and in 2021 R2, you’ll be able to visualize your production schedules in timeline view. This makes it easier to identify which resources are over- or under-utilized as well as see any material constraints. You’ll also be able to view a timeline of customer commitments, making it easier to follow up on any requiring your immediate attention.

For manufacturers for whom traceability is important, another bit of news—now Acumatica will enable traceability of raw materials and components to pre-assigned lots or serialized finished goods. This enables better quality control and traceability for potential recalls or additional release notes, as needed.

Adjust for International Currencies

Is your company looking to expand into the international market? Adjusting for various currencies can be very time consuming, but Acumatica makes it easier with new capabilities. Now you can share data with ease through real-time reporting, allowing transactions among companies with different base currencies.

Switch Between Acumatica and Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams continues to be a popular productivity application, and Acumatica 2021 R2 now enables rapid context switching from Acumatica to Teams. Integration between the two systems is easy and seamless, too, enabling companies already using Teams or planning to adopt it to use Acumatica as their main ERP system along with Teams for productivity and communication.

For construction and field service companies using subcontractors, a new integration with Procore enables you to synchronize AP bills and sub invoices seamlessly. It greatly reduces redundant work and improves visibility.

And, to improve communication, Acumatica announced a new integration with the popular email tool SendGrid. SendGrid’s data now flows into Acumatica to let you track open rates, bounces, and more.

Time-Saving Features for Field Services and Construction

Acumatica has always been a popular choice for both field service companies and construction. The Acumatica 2021 R2 release incorporates many time-saving features for these types of companies. You can simplify project workflows with project drop shipments.

Now, with Acumatica, you can configure service contract billing for the start of each period. It’s a great tool to improve flexibility and streamline billing. A new project reclassification feature lets you correct data entry errors quickly, and you can reduce the number of clicks needed while adding inventory and tracking time via your mobile device.

More Efficiency for Finance and Accounting Teams

The company didn’t leave out finance and accounting professionals from their updates. You can boost efficiency when managing AR refunds with open balances in the newly updated version, as well as simplify reconciliation. This is accomplished by matching bank transactions to multiple receipts and disbursements. And, enhanced AP/AR balance reporting, as well as new Operational and Employee Payroll dashboards, provide better accuracy and financial visibility.

More Personalization Options

Acumatica has always had plenty of ways in which users could personalize their experience with the system. 2021 R2 adds several new personalization benefits, including a consolidated toolbar, a sorting option for dashboard tables, creating tasks for business events, and the ability to predefine and automate administrative tasks when key events occur. Although these improvements may seem incremental to some, when added up, they amount to big-time savings!

Acumatica is known as a company that is responsive to its customers. It provides updates based on its users’ suggestions. For more information, click here to see the 2021 R2 preview and view the video.