Managing multichannel e-commerce is easy and convenient with Acumatica e-commerce solutions. Integrate Acumatica seamlessly with Shopify and BigCommerce e-commerce platforms for a streamlined experience for you and your customers. With native connectors, users feel more at ease than with other integration methods.

Take a look at some ways your business can do more with Acumatica e-commerce native connectors.

Native Connectors: What Are They?

Let’s start by defining a native connector. A native connector uses the same programming language as the two programs it is trying to connect. Rather than using APIs or other applications to integrate the two systems, they use the languages each program understands to communicate.

Native connectors offer many advantages over web or hybrid connectors.

  • App speed: Native apps are typically faster and more responsive than other types of connectors.
  • Functionality: Multiple avenues can be bridged within a software platform, enabling connections that would otherwise be impossible.
  • Seamless: Users should experience seamless navigation across multiple screens in an e-commerce platform. They may hesitate to place an order if the experience feels jumpy, like they are shifting from one system to another. With native connectors, users may be totally unaware that they are moving between systems.

Four Benefits of Acumatica E-commerce Native Connectors

Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento are all native Acumatica e-commerce connectors. Benefits of these connectors include:

  • Real-time bi-directional data for unmatched speed. Acumatica’s accounting and finance system receives order information as it is placed on the e-commerce system.
  • Automated synchronization of product information and pricing so that changes made in one part of the system populate in other parts. Information about products can be displayed in real-time so that when changes occur in one part of the system, the new data will also appear in the other parts of the system. This integrated system displays the same information on the front and back ends.
  • Promotions and discounts are simplified. Any promotions created on the e-commerce platform automatically update the accounting system, alerting it and streamlining the process.
  • Orders online and offline are synchronized. The difficulty of synchronizing online and offline orders can be frustrating for companies with field sales and an e-commerce platform. Native connectors for Acumatica and BigCommerce, for example, allow you to synchronize online and offline orders.

What Can You Accomplish?

Acumatica’s native connectors offer numerous benefits. Imagine how much your business could accomplish if it had accurate, real-time, synchronized data.

Immediately sending cancellation notices to the e-commerce suite when a flagged account is identified in the system’s back end makes it possible to stop fraudulent orders. If there is a stock out, it may inform the customer when they place an order and provide the anticipated delivery date. With native connectors, there is a wide range of possibilities.

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