Acumatica Summit 2017 was filled with many announcements, but one that made e-commerce merchants happy was the news that Kensium and Magento had partnered with Acumatica for new updates. These updates give e-commerce merchants a competitive edge through advanced technology and are a great benefit to Acumatica users.

Merchants Need Simplified E-commerce

The e-commerce industry represents $2.7 trillion in business. This highly competitive industry is always changing, and merchants seek innovations that will enable them to stand out from others. Those who are first to market with such solutions can gain customers and increase profits. Integrated solutions such as Acumatica are a boon for those seeking solutions for omnichannel retailing.

Consolidating data and integrating with e-commerce partners such as Kensium and Magento provide Acumatica users with more powerful resources at their fingertips. It’s like bringing the best of all three together and forging something even better.

Provide Better Customer Service

One way that merchants can set their businesses apart is by offering exceptional customer service. When all things are equal, such as price and quality, it’s the service that sets apart retailers. Next-day delivery, satisfaction guaranteed, and other promises must be kept in order to build customer trust and company credibility.

Acumatica’s new integrated platform makes it easier to track order status, shipping status, and more. With the improved information, companies can improve their services. These new and improved services will help them make and keep customers longer.

New Products from Acumatica and Kensium

Kensium has been working with Acumatica for four years to develop new and exciting innovations for e-commerce vendors. At the Acumatica Summit, Kensium unveiled the following extensions built for Acumatica products:

  • Ecommerce Connectors – Link merchants’ eCommerce platforms and Acumatica ERP. This two-way data sync between Acumatica and the eCommerce system enables single-platform views. Connectors are available for merchants using Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce.
  • Product Configurator – Simplify inventory processes and offer customers popular products. The configurator supports bundled, grouped, downloadable, and virtual products.
  • PayPal Integrations – Accept payments from your customers directly within Acumatica by using PayPal’s “Request Payment” feature or use PayFlow Pro Payment Gateway.
  • AcuCharge – Data interchange enables you to apply Level 3 Credit Card Processing, the lowest credit card processing rate in Acumatica.
  • TaxCloud Integration – Apply the proper tax amounts and easily file required reports by automating processes associated with taxes and tax-based accounting.
  • ADP Payroll Integration – Connect to ADP, update payroll preferences, submit your payroll details, and generate all the necessary accounting entities that you need.

Summit attendees also had the opportunity to attend the Kensium and Magento training course. Participants learned more about the Acumatica’s official e-commerce tools and why these are beneficial to retailers and distributors. Attendees learned the features and benefits of these tools, as well as more information on selling and using them. Those who successfully completed the training seminar received certification badges which are required to sell and implement Acumatica e-commerce products.

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