Equipment Maintenance is designed to track all maintenance work as well as lifetime limits for any type of equipment maintained by the company. Equipment types are user definable and can be items like vehicles, copiers, printers, pumps or any number of items. In addition to defining the type of equipment, the user can define the maintenance labels, maintenance tasks and trigger intervals. Maintenance schedules with corresponding tasks and trigger intervals are assigned to the equipment in order to prompt the user when maintenance work is to be performed. Post inventory items against work tickets and task codes from the Inventory or Purchase Order modules.  Click here for an Equipment Maintenance overview

Shipping Integration is for customers that prefer to use UPS Worldship, FedEx Ship Manager or any other shipping software capable of using ODBC to access data as well as the ability to export data to a file. No longer does the customer have to enter tracking numbers one-by-one. Instead, the program will match tracking numbers to the correct invoice and will, optionally, update the freight and weight for those shipments. Customers can process shipments from Sales Order Entry, Shipping Data Entry or Sales Order Invoice Data Entry. Streamline your shipping process and eliminate shipping errors through shipping integration!  Click here for a Shipping Integration overview