One of the main challenges facing small and mid-sized businesses today is attracting and retaining talent. Many companies are moving beyond traditional recruitment methods and employee perks to explore how artificial intelligence (AI) can help them solve these dual challenges.

AI has received a lot of attention in the last few months as generative AI like ChatGPT has become common knowledge. However, technology companies have been aware of the power of AI for much longer—and have been harnessing that power to create better software. Although AI has its own challenges and must be used ethically and carefully, it has the potential to revolutionize the way we do business.

Hiring and retention problems can be solved in several ways. One of the best ways to solve these problems is by keeping the employees you already have happy and making their jobs as efficient as possible. This is where AI comes in. By choosing an ERP with AI features, you can save your company time and money while also increasing employee satisfaction and retention.

Save Time with Zero-Touch Automation

Automation is at the heart of a company’s efficiency, and AI takes automation a step further. AI enables “zero-touch” automation, which means automating a process to such an extent that it doesn’t need employee input to occur.

For example, while automation allows you to send invoices to suppliers on a given date, AI allows for high-quality document recognition. An AI-enabled accounts payable system can read the information on an invoice, identifying key data points like the supplier’s name, the invoice number, the date, and the due amount. It can then input this data into the appropriate fields in your accounting software—all without employee input.

Of course, employees should double-check this type of data, but if corrections are made, the AI system will learn from its mistakes and will be less likely to make that same error in the future.

Zero-touch automation saves your employees time and saves your company money. It frees your employees from many routine manual tasks—tasks which may be extremely boring or frustrating for them—and instead, frees them up for more creative and high-level tasks that demand human intelligence and insight.

Streamline Jobs with Interactive Assistance

Through AI-enabled software, your employees can find assistance through interactive processes and natural language interfaces. AI can learn the best responses to particular search queries, provide interactive helpdesk support, and preemptively retrieve data needed to perform complex activities.

AI can provide particularly helpful benefits to customer support teams. Instead of constantly crafting and recrafting responses to the same basic questions, employees can use wording from AI-provided suggestions that have been modeled on past interactions. In fact, some companies have gone even further, creating AI chatbots that can handle basic questions as the lowest rung of customer support.

Anything your company can do to improve employees’ efficiency and free them from manual tasks will likely have a positive impact on employee job satisfaction and retention. Even if AI software includes an initial investment of funds and training, your ROI will likely be significant.

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