When Dave Poole joined AM Conservation Group, Inc. at the end of 2014, Accounting Systems Inc. (ASI) had been in place supporting the company’s Sage 100 system for quite some time.  “One of my initial tasks was to figure out a data conversion issue due to a company we acquired,” stated Dave.  “I went to ASI for help and not only were they extremely helpful working through the technology side of that, but they also turned out to be great business advisors.  They were extraordinarily helpful in assisting me get up to speed on how the company had been operating as a whole.”

AM Conservation Group, Inc. offers a single source for energy and water efficiency products, services, and programs of any size with unmatched speed and flexibility.  Dave noted that ASI provided a similar service for businesses with software and related systems that focused on efficiency and flexibility and personalized service that is unmatched.  Over the years, ASI has continued to provide unmatched service to AM Conservation Group, including a recent migration to a new database platform, using the native Sage 100 file structure.

Dave stated, “For performance, security and reporting purposes, we decided to move to a Microsoft SQL server.  That process had a lot of moving parts that had to be coordinated.  It impacted our entire infrastructure, and ASI went over and above to help us through it.”  Dave continued, “The time line was very compressed to just a couple of weeks due to the age of the system and security issues.  ASI built a new parallel infrastructure and reinstalled all of the Sage and related software, such as freight management and our CRM system.  This is on par with a disaster recovery plan, and ASI responded quickly, efficiently, and worked through any problems to get us in a great place.

”Part of that change involved a huge improvement in reporting capabilities.  AM Conservation Group had only been using simple reports out of the system, because the complex reports took too long. Now, the reporting is not only faster, the performance improvements has allowed for more complex reporting and better information.  “The information we have access to now at the push of a button, has helped distribution get a handle on day-to-day operations, backlogs, inventory, sales orders, alerts, custom orders and more,” stated Dave.  “Inventory alerts and forecasting capabilities have significantly improved how we manage working capital.”

Dave concluded, “The ASI team has a unique skill set. Their mix of talent, including business, financial, and operations roles and backgrounds means they understand business needs.  They have worked on the line; have been there done that; and they have really solid technical and related technologies expertise.  If they don’t know they find the answer.  They are just good folks – and at end of day, they pass the test, every time.”

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