Sales departments thrive on data. When your sales team has accurate data, they can work more effectively and efficiently. One area in which the sales department benefits from access to real-time data is in sales forecasting. With the right business intelligence software, sales forecasting is both easy and clear. It’s simplified, while still providing the depth of detail needed for intelligent decision making.

Accurate Sales Data, the Key to Success

Your company’s sales manager makes strategies and plans based on previous quarters. Reviewing past performance gives them the ability to predict future success. With accurate data, they have a better chance of making sound predictions about what will sell and what won’t.

Sales teams thrive on accurate data. Many sales people are highly competitive and like to beat their former “batting average.” The right data, shared in a clear and simple manner with your sales team, can encourage them to improve upon their past performance.

Making Complex Data Simple

Data alone, however, may be overwhelming for the layperson. Instead, a system that provides data visualization can make complex data simple. Charts, graphs, and other visual representations can make complex data easier to analyze and interpret. The easier data are to understand, the more people will use it.

Simplified, clear data is data upon which everyone can build strategies and plans. It inspires people to take the right steps to achieve company-wide goals. Building upon this data with strategic plans and activities helps everyone in the company improve productivity.

Better Supply Chain Management Through Improved Sales Forecasting

Nearly all companies struggle to improve supply chain management. Over-invest in raw materials or products and you’ll find most of your capital tied up. Under-invest and you turn away business. If you frequently find yourself out of stock on popular products, customers will take their business elsewhere.

With accurate data derived from a business intelligence system, sales forecasting also becomes more accurate. The better your sales forecasting, the better the supply chain management. If you can improve order prediction by 10 or 20%, that in turn may enhance your company’s ability to predict supply and demand by a similar percentage. The tighter you can manage your supply chain to an accurate sales forecast, the better it will be for capital management and cash flow.

Improving Visibility Organization-Wide

Business intelligence software provides many benefits. One benefit that’s felt throughout the company is the improved visibility for all departments.

When data is shared via a business intelligence system, all departments can access the same real-time data. This improves planning, communications, and strategic decision-making. Sales can make decisions based on accurate stock levels; the supply chain manager stays informed of production demands. Accounting, finance, sales and marketing can communicate needs and plans more easily with the right business intelligence software.

Although business intelligence software won’t solve all of your problems, it will provide exceptional support for all business functions. Enhanced communications, improved sales, and real-time visibility are all benefits that improve efficiency and profitability. It’s a great time to explore business intelligence software.

Business Intelligence Software with ASI

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