Cloud-Computing-Business-TechnologyWhat business technology trends do you have your eye on for the upcoming year? Are you leaning toward making a major technology investment to improve your business, or are you planning to sustain your current technology situation until something bigger and better comes along?

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to research current business technology trends and evaluate viable solutions that could lead your business into lasting success. While mobile technology and Big Data are continuing to gain popularity among businesses of all sizes and types, the most commonly researched trend for small to mid-sized businesses is Cloud computing. This year, as mobile technology adoption within the workplace rises, we suspect increased interest in the Cloud. In fact, business technology experts are expecting big things for Cloud computing, but not in the way that you may assume.

Forecasting the Cloud’s Effect on Businesses in 2015

Interested in learning what business technology experts predict in regards to Cloud technology for 2015? Here’s a look:

  • Businesses will have numerous choices when it comes to choosing a Cloud solution. As the Cloud becomes more popular among the general public and small businesses, experts are seeing an increase in Cloud software offerings. Expect to see in influx in Cloud providers and Cloud-based solutions on the market.
  • Companies that do move to the Cloud will not be driven solely by costs. It’s long been assumed that companies move to the Cloud to save money. However, as we have discussed in length on our blog, companies do not always save money when moving to the Cloud. It truly is a case-by-case scenario. Surprisingly, experts predict that businesses will move to the Cloud to streamline operations and obtain crucial business visibility, not to save costs. Whatever cost savings they do reap (if they do in fact reap savings) will only be an added benefit.
  • The hybrid Cloud will become a more popular alternative to companies not willing to move to the Cloud full-scale. For companies hesitant to put their feet in the Cloud waters, many Cloud providers are providing hybrid Cloud solutions. These hybrid solutions actually offer a lot in terms of flexibility and software integration. By allowing users to manage some applications and systems in-house and relying on Cloud services for managing other data, the hybrid Cloud is expected to garner lots of attention.
  • Security will still be a major concern for most businesses. Despite measures taken over the past year, many businesses are still hesitant to move entirely to the Cloud due to security concerns. Last year brought news of major security leaks among several big name companies, leading many companies to question the security of their data in the Cloud. Experts predict Cloud providers to step up the game as far as security is concerned this year.

Moving to the Cloud is a big business decision that requires a lot of examination of your current business situation. Involving key personnel and executives in the decision is important, for they can pinpoint issues you may overlook. Take the time to do your research and list the pros and cons of moving your business software to the Cloud. Examine the options available to you, and determine the best fit for your company’s specific needs. When in doubt, consult with your business software provider.

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