When you integrate all your points-of-payment directly to your accounting system, you ensure timely collection of customer invoices, maximize cash flow, and minimize the hassle of manual reconciliation. Perhaps that’s why Sage put so much effort into improving credit card processing functionality in Sage 100 ERP 2013. Here are the improvements we expect to see when the new version is released later this year.

Reduced Fraud Exposure

Credit Card Processing will include connection to the Sage Exchange Vault.  This secure online vault stores sensitive credit card information and processes transactions outside of your Sage 100 ERP system.  It also keeps your business compliant with PA-DSS and ever-changing credit card processing laws.

For added cardholder security, Sage 100 ERP 2013 will also allow a “one-time use” credit card for payment transactions without saving credit card information. Customers migrating from previous versions of the software will be able to easily move their customers’ credit card information from the current database location into the secure Sage Exchange Vault.

Sage Mobile Payments Integration

In the 2013 release, you can collect payments anytime and anywhere using Sage Mobile Payments on a Smartphone. Ideal for collecting cash payments, Sage Mobile captures payment information and sends it to SageExchange.com. Using Sage Exchange’s secured connection, the payment information is then transferred directly into your Sage 100 ERP system as an Accounts Receivable Cash Receipt entry. No manual reconciliation needed.

Companies that provide services and collect fees on the go – like mobile pet grooming for example – will find this new feature especially helpful.

Mobile Invoice and Card Swipe

The new mobile functionality – launched via smartphone or tablet – will also benefit companies with a mobile sales force that collects payment on invoices.  Simply launch the app, identify an existing Sage 100 ERP customer from the mobile device, view the customer’s open invoices, and   select one or more of the open invoices to pay. And with a Sage Mobile card swipe device connected to the          Smartphone, the salesperson can swipe the customer’s credit card and present a touch screen to the customer for signature approval of the charges.

Powered by Sage Exchange

All the new features are powered by Sage Exchange: cloud-based technology that provides the integration between Sage 100 ERP and the Sage Payments Gateway. Not only does Sage Exchange make credit card processing hassle-free, it saves you money in merchant transaction fees.