In recent years, Sage has provided customers with a platform to let them share ideas and make Sage 100 even more helpful. Sage 100 2021 and subsequent product updates, which we will explore in this article, incorporated various customer-inspired new features.

Check Number Field Expanded

The check number field now holds ten characters. These changes have been reflected in the task windows, forms, and reports, carrying the changes through to:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • General Ledger
  • Payroll (requires Payroll v2.21 or later)
  • Purchase Order

Company Delete and Overwrite Security Option

In Role Maintenance, a new security option is now added: “Allow deleting/overwriting of Live and Archive companies.” Selecting this check box will allow users assigned that role to delete or overwrite companies with the “Live” or “Archive” type selected. An alert appears asking for confirmation that you want to overwrite or delete the company before proceeding.

Also included are several security-related enhancements requested by customers to simplify the security setup process, including new Pre-Defined Role Templates.

DBA Fields Added to 1099s in Vendor Maintenance

Based on customer feedback, Sage has added DBA (doing business as) name and address fields to the Additional tab in Vendor Maintenance and the Vendor Maintenance On-the-Fly window.

  • If a DBA name is entered, it appears along with the vendor name on the 1099 form.
  • The DBA address appears instead of the vendor’s address on the 1099 form.

If a vendor type other than None is selected, these fields will be available.

Paperless Office Default Delivery Options

For those with a Sage 100 Subscription license, Sage 100 Paperless Office Setup now includes a new task called “Default Delivery Options.” When you create a new record for a new customer or vendor, you can use this task to specify the default form selections that are automatically made in the Paperless Office Delivery Options window. You can change these defaults as needed.

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