Your customers have access to more information than ever before. As a result, many of them are accustomed to finding the answers they need whenever and wherever it’s convenient for them. With all of the information available through Google, social media, and online forums, customer self-service has become a way of life. And that’s where the SageCRM Self-Service Web Portal can play an important role.

What is the Self-Service Portal?
It’s an add-on component to SageCRM that provides your customers (and partners or vendors for that matter) with web-based access to their account in your SageCRM database. That means they can log into their account using the web and do things like:

  • Update shipping address and other contact information
  • Track orders and shipments or review purchase history
  • Request product information
  • Submit a request for customer service

Of course, security controls and configuration options allow you to control the extent to which your customers can access data and perform functions.

24 x 7 Convenience
Perhaps the most important feature of the self-service portal is that it’s available anytime your customers need it. Because let’s face it, sometimes they just won’t have time to call one of your customer service representatives during “normal” business hours.

And the fact that it’s web-based doesn’t hurt either. That means the self-service portal can be accessed in the office, at home, or on the road from a mobile device.

Customer Updates are In Sync
When customers make changes to their account using the Self-Service web Portal, your SageCRM database is automatically updated. That eliminates the need for manual data entry by one of your internal customer service representatives and ensures better accuracy.

What’s more, your sales representatives can see that changes were made to the account which can provide a great opportunity to follow up with the customer with a personal call and reinforce the relationship.

The SageCRM Self-Service Web Portal can be an important tool in delivering a fantastic customer experience at a lower cost to your business. Contact us if you’d like to learn more.