Are you still using paper in your office? Do you think paperless is impossible?

Printing is one of the biggest expenses for a business, after payroll and taxes. You spend a lot on ink, toner, and paper. You also need file cabinets, folders, and space to store all those paper documents. It’s often easier to steal, copy, or damage physical documents. In addition, paper documents severely limit collaboration and shared editing, since each iteration requires printing out the document. Version control is almost impossible.

Thankfully, there’s a better way! An intelligent document management system can transform your business, decreasing operational costs and increasing efficiency and profitability.

Here at ASI, we partner with Beyond Limits to provide DocLink, a document management system that helps businesses go digital and paperless.

Benefits of a Document Management System

Although transitioning to an intelligent document management system may require an upfront investment of time and money, it’s worth it. An intelligent document management system can help your company in many ways:

  • Cost savings: This benefit may be the most obvious. By transitioning to electronic documents, you can reduce or eliminate paper and printing costs (ink, toner, etc.). You can also save on paper storage costs, such as files, cabinets, space, and even offsite storage facilities.
  • Time savings: By automating processes and editing documents digitally, you can streamline your processes, speed up your approval cycles, simplify your audits, and retrieve your documents instantly.
  • Process improvements: With a document management solution, you can get instant reports and audits and automate your workflows.
  • Easy collaboration: Digital documents in a document management system have strict version control, allowing seamless collaboration in real time.
  • Role-based permissions: An intelligent software system can secure your documents by only allowing specific people to access any particular document. You can always tell who has edited the document and who has access to view it.

DocLink takes these benefits even further with intelligent, automated options that can help you transform your business. DocLink is a web-based integrated document management system that can integrate with a variety of ERPs, thus ensuring that your data will be unified across your business. You can install DocLink on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid fashion.

With DocLink, you can:

  • Automatically capture and index documents with OCR, Barcode, XML import and ERM.
  • Securely view, retrieve, annotate, print, fax, email, and archive documents.
  • Connect with remote locations easily for data exchange.
  • Configure the workflow to match your approval process steps.
  • Audit and match invoices with purchase orders, receiving documents, and packing slips quickly and easily.
  • Let vendors fax or email documents directly to DocLink.
  • Access vendor and GL account codes without using the accounting system.
  • Find invoices by account charged and date range.
  • Distribute documents automatically to recipients based on their preferences.
  • Create templates to isolate and communicate the data you need.
  • Export documents to various formats (XML, HTML, PDF, TIFF, CSV, EDI, etc.)
  • Access documents with full protection and role-based security.
  • Track all actions taken on a document through full version control.

DocLink by Beyond Limits is an affordable solution to your document management challenges. It can help you whether you have 10 or 100 employees.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re ready to make your office paperless, we’re here to help. Digital transformation is a daunting process, so you need a partner you can trust. We can implement, integrate, and customize your DocLink software in order to best serve your unique business needs and goals. Contact the experts at ASI today or schedule your free consultation to get started.