Distribution-ERP-SoftwareKnowing what software to use to effectively manage your distribution operation can be challenging, to say the least. In addition to streamlining warehouse processes, the software you use must be able to support accounting and other financial activities, as well as keep thorough records of your customers, inventory and orders. Finding a business software solution that supports all of these processes in addition to your distribution needs can be difficult; however, with enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, you can manage both the business side and distribution side of things with ease. Designed to streamline your processes, reduce costs, and increase your overall efficiency, modern-day ERP software can help you solve the challenges you face on a daily basis all while helping you stay ahead of your competition.

ERP solutions, such as Sage 100 ERP and Infor VISUAL, have been proven to help distributors improve their processes both inside and outside of the warehouse and create a more collaborative company. Take a look at how modern ERP solutions have helped ease the burden of the most common challenges faced by distributors all around the world:

  • Process Improvement
    Is your company missing out on important opportunities to boost efficiency? By optimizing your processes, you can move your products to store shelves faster and better respond to customer demands. In a world where service levels are becoming more of a competitive differentiator, ERP software can help your distribution company automate production processes and streamline your interactions. When you integrate your ERP system with customer relationship management (CRM) software, you can further improve your relationship with suppliers and run your processes more efficiently.
  • Product Innovation
    Creating new products is a must if you plan on remaining a key player in the global market. In order to support this innovation, distribution companies need tools that encourage collaboration and the sharing of real-time information. ERP solutions, such as Sage 100 ERP and Infor VISUAL, support product innovation and allow companies to develop new products with increased collaboration and streamlined processes. They also contain web portals for sharing information to speed up problem solving with employees, partners, suppliers, and customers, enhancing the entire process.
  • Maintain Compliance
    Distribution companies must comply with a variety of industry regulations or risk significant penalties. ERP solutions contain audit trails that enable thorough documentation and reporting and can help you automate and standardize processes to ensure compliance.
  • Increase Your Visibility
    Distribution companies grow, they often expand into global markets. While these markets certainly present huge opportunities for growth, they often require longer, more complicated supply chains. This can create disruptions and delays in shipping, especially if you lack visibility across the supply chain.Modern ERP solutions contain workflows that can be automated and streamlined, helping you improve supply chain management. ERP systems also allow management to better monitor shipments and, when paired with business intelligence and analytics tools, provide managers with real-time visibility into ways to reduce costs and optimize processes.

True success often depends upon whether your company has innovative products and how quickly you can produce and ship orders. With ERP software, your company can continue to create new products cost-effectively, stay on top of customer orders, improve distribution processes, and ensure that the entire business is running as smoothly as possible. No longer do you need to maintain separate software solutions to manage the different aspects of your company; with ERP software, you only need one solution to reach all of your goals for success.

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