Often, software automation conjures up images of manufacturing, fulfillment, logistics, and finance; but, automation in human resources is catching up. HR management software, or HRMS, is rising in popularity, and following the trends of other popular business and accounting software systems. For example, Sierra-Cedar’s 2017-2018 HR Systems Survey revealed that more than half of the surveyed companies were using cloud-based HRMS solutions, moving from on-premises solutions. Companies are also seeking HRMS platforms that can operate across larger enterprises, often spread out between several countries.

While HR may seem like one department where the “human touch” is still a requirement, companies using HRMS find that it saves time, enhances their ability to manage personnel, and frees up valuable time among HR employees for other tasks. The right HR software can make a big difference to your company. Online business systems and business process automation increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve information within a company.

A Quick Definition of HR Automation

HR automation helps human resources departments by automating time-consuming tasks. Tasks that can be automated include:

  • Managing documents: From importing human resources documents into a single, central repository for managing documents, HR automation software is great for managing all of the paperwork found in today’s HR departments.
  • Storing files: In addition to storing documents, HR software can store files so that they can be shared on multiple devices.
  • Archiving records: Instead of placing file folders into cardboard boxes and storing them off site, store them electronically by archiving records.
  • Simplifying audits: Simply HR audits through the use of HR software. It’s easier to gather and share information using automation software than combing through paper-based records.

Through the use of HR automation, you can collect, create, and update data. Different workflows can be created based on each user’s role in the company. It streamlines processes and helps HR departments spot any deviation from the normal flow of human resources information.

Benefits of HR Automation

If you’re at the helm of a small business, you may not see the benefits of HRMS right away, but you may be surprised at the advantages a reasonably-priced HRMS solution can bring to your company.

With a large number of cloud HR systems on the market today, HRMS for small business is becoming a feasible option. A host of cost-effective pay-as-you-go options offer a number of benefits. Here are a few ways that small businesses can benefit from an HRMS solution.

Easier Recruitment Process

For small businesses, planning or handling recruitment without HRMS can increase the spend for recruitment efforts. Automating the incoming resume process can check for specific keywords and sort through resumes to find the best candidate. It can also help in tracking and monitoring applicants, create job requisitions, and post them out to job boards and social media platforms.

More Efficient Performance Management

Performance management systems reduce the amount of time that managers must spend on the administrative aspects of employee reviews. This enables them to spend more time in face-to-face meetings with staff, where they can discuss strengths, growth areas, and goals for the upcoming year.

Workflow Automation

Automated workflows are a simple but powerful mechanism for tracking tasks as they progress from one employee to another. Workflows provide improved efficiency, standardization of working methods, and streamlining responsibilities.

Easy Access

With HR in the cloud, you don’t need to invest in serious hardware, you just need to go online to access all of the features and benefits of an HRMS. Your employees and organization now have the opportunity to access it anytime, anywhere using the online device of your choice.

HRMS Capabilities Continue to Grow

More than just a nerve center of information for employee records, payroll, and benefits, HRMS platforms have continued to evolve to include contingent worker information, employee profiles and directories, social collaboration tools, and more. Both HR executives and HRMS providers understand the power of simplified user access that provide a positive experience and encourage use of the software solution.

Investing in the benefits of HRMS is a great gesture to your employee base that you are taking their employment seriously and are committed to meeting your obligations as an employer.

Automate Your HR Processes With ASI

HRMS can integrate with existing ERP and other business software solutions. That’s already good news. The better news is that Accounting Systems, Inc. can partner with you to integrate HRMS and ERP solutions, helping you find the right fit for all your HR automation needs. Ready to take a look? Contact us today!