In my experience, most companies only care about duplicating their current business processes that they are currently performing in the new ERP system.  There is typically very little concern about the new features or technology that will help the client explore new processes or eliminate existing, unnecessary processes.  It is unfortunate that the RFI is not a better utilized tool, but most clients do tend to look at the technical aspects of the ERP system instead of the outcomes.  Typically, the persons writing the RFI is either unfamiliar with the business processes and is technically oriented OR is business process oriented with no idea about the technical aspects.  It is very difficult to get an RFI that is both business process AND technical oriented.

It is amazing how much time we spend going over a feature of the ERP system that will fundamentally change the way a person does their job, and then go back to the way “we do it”. Another big concern that we see is that while most ERP systems will do what you want them to do, it is the consultant you hire to understand the business processes and implement the ERP system into the processes that will get you the desired outcome (as determined by the consultant in most cases).  The software is actually secondary to the people helping you implement the ERP software.  This critical piece is typically left out of the RFI process.

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