A good enterprise resource planning (ERP) system can help you manage your finance, accounting, and operations, but sometimes you may need more features than the standard ERP offers. Acumatica is one of the best ERPs for small to mid-sized businesses, and it has many powerful features from which you can choose. It also lets you add modules from Acumatica or its partners to make your system more flexible and adaptable to your business needs.

You can tailor Acumatica to your specific needs by adding Acumatica modules or third-party extensions. Here are some of the main categories of extensions that can improve your operations, finance, accounting, and more.

Financial Extensions: Better Cash Flow Management

These are some of the financial extensions that can help you manage your money better with Acumatica.

  • Bank feed software: If you need your ERP to connect directly with multiple banks, you can use bank feed software to do that. This software allows you to link Acumatica with any bank through APIs, without having to deal with different rules and regulations for each bank and country.
  • Fixed asset management: This module helps you keep track of all your fixed assets, such as equipment, vehicles, and buildings. You can monitor and maintain them as well as calculate and schedule depreciation, all within this module.
  • Project accounting: If you are in the construction industry or a similar field, you may need project accounting that can track the costs of labor, equipment, and materials by project or job. Acumatica Project Accounting gives you full visibility and accuracy with its tracking features.
  • Payroll management: Payroll can be complicated, especially if you have employees in different states, countries, and tax areas. Acumatica has its own payroll module that helps you set up, manage, and report payroll. You can create employee classes, update tax rates, track overtime and benefits, and more.

Acumatica CRM: Sales and Marketing

Another area where you may want to add an extension to your ERP is sales, marketing, and communication. Customers have many ways to communicate with you, and you need to keep track of all of them and respond consistently and effectively.

Acumatica CRM lets you add customer relationship management to your ERP. This means that you can centralize all your customer information and communication. Sales, marketing, service, and operations can access the same information and give the same answers to customer questions. This way, you can provide excellent customer service and satisfaction.

Gmail and Outlook Integrations: Communication

Most businesses use Gmail or Outlook for email communication. Acumatica integrates with these popular email tools to make communication easier for your employees. They can also create service and sales orders, contacts, contact classes, opportunities, and leads directly in their email accounts and sync them with Acumatica.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics: Business Intelligence

Acumatica has a great set of reporting tools, all of which can be extensively personalized. Maybe you need to present data to a board of directors or a public audience and need specific reports. Or maybe you want something more visually appealing. Acumatica has you covered with its advanced reporting and analytics features—and by using the power of AI, it can even generate reports automatically.

Looking for More?

Designed with the flexibility that businesses need to stay ahead of the competition, Acumatica makes it easy to add new modules or extensions that help you do your work better. However, sometimes even more customization is needed. If you’re looking for more personalization than Acumatica can provide out of the box, contact us or schedule a free consultation today. We’re happy to put our expert knowledge to work for you!