Businesses in many different industries use cloud ERP solutions to streamline and simplify their business management processes. Companies often use cloud ERPs for inventory management, accounting, CRM, and sales. However, they often overlook one vital function: human resource (HR) management.

HR has a multitude of responsibilities, including recruiting qualified workers, managing complicated payroll processes, distributing and managing PTO, onboarding, and more. Without even one of these functions, your company could not function. What is more, HR employees cannot afford to make mistakes when handling personal information. They must gather, enter, and analyze an overwhelming amount of business data on a daily basis.

It’s time for HR departments to benefit from the innovative power of cloud ERP solutions like Acumatica. Here are six ways that ERP can revolutionize HR departments.

  1. It acts as a centralized database.

With a cloud ERP in place, information from every department in the company is collected and stored in the same place. HR employees have full visibility across the organization without wasting time by switching between disconnected systems to find siloed data.

  1. It allows real-time, company-wide communication.

Because a cloud ERP is a centralized database, it allows HR staff members to give and receive information from other departments seamlessly. No more time will be wasted chasing down information or sending documents back and forth via an ever-growing email chain. A modern ERP solution allows company-wide collaboration as authorized users access accurate data and centralized documentation in real time.

  1. It keeps sensitive data secure.

Your HR department likely deals with the most sensitive information your company comes in contact with. Any security breach in this data could be extremely harmful to your employees and your company. Strict security measures within a cloud-based ERP protect PII (personal identifiable information) such as salaries and workplace conflict documentation from both internal and external threats.

  1. It automates time-consuming tasks.

HR departments deal with what seems like an unending stream of paperwork every day. With a cloud ERP, HR employees can easily automate data collection and analysis, preventing human error at several levels. Automating processes is a huge time-saver, thus reducing costs and improving efficiency.

Cloud ERP HR software also empowers employees to access their personal information, attend trainings, ask questions, and more through the system itself, thus saving HR staff significant time and energy that they would otherwise have spent performing these tasks or seeking out this input themselves.

  1. It helps maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.

HR departments must meet a myriad of regulatory requirements—and these requirements often change. HR employees have to remain aware of international, federal, state, and local laws in order to remain compliant and avoid penalties or fines. Many ERP systems automatically update processes when laws change. Some, such as Acumatica Cloud ERP, offer advanced automated compliance reporting, allowing companies to more easily navigate the regulatory environment.

  1. It aids in recruitment.

One of the tasks of many HR departments is recruiting effective employees to the company. In today’s labor market, this may be an area that your company is struggling in. ERP aids in this task by providing clear, up-to-date information about personnel needs in each department. A cloud ERP also securely stores personal information not only of employees, but also of prospective employees. Such a system can even automate recruitment tasks, allowing managers to focus on selecting the right candidate.

Find Out if Acumatica is the Solution for You

Acumatica is a powerful cloud ERP solution that provides integrated business management applications on an open platform. Acumatica Cloud ER is uniquely powerful and positioned to fill HR needs. If you are ready to boost your HR performance, contact our team today with any questions or to request a demonstration.