Making face-to-face connections with people from your field can have a tremendously positive effect on your business, your career, and your life. But does the idea of live networking send a shiver down your spine? Have you ever attended a live networking event and felt overwhelmed by all the chaos?

Welcome to a place where networking actually works. Welcome to Sage City. Sage recently announced a radical new networking event that will take place at Sage Summit 2012. It’s called Sage City. The event combines all the best aspects of networking—including structured topics, small groups, and social media tools—into one organized and collaborative meet-up.

The idea is to bring like-minded professionals together into small group “villages” in which conference attendees can rally around shared business concerns and challenges. Village mayors will help form small groups and break the ice. Sage will post the outcomes and takeaways from these small groups on social media and chat walls for further discussion and consideration by other attendees.

What’s best about Sage City is that all the discussion is attendee driven. When you sign up for the conference, you’ll input the challenges you’d like to solve or the main concerns you’re facing in your job. When you get to the conference, it will be easy to connect with people you can relate to.

It sounds like a remarkably easy and efficient way to build your network. No more wandering through a sea of people trying to make a real connection with someone from your field.

Sage Summit takes place August 14–17 in Nashville, TN. Click here to register now for this life-changing event.

PS.  Don’t forget to stop by ASI’s booth at the Trade Show – #1010 –  and say “hello”.  We look forward to seeing you there!