warehouse issuesSage 100 and Acumatica software can help you fix warehouse issues and improve inventory accuracy. Both software products are available from Accounting Systems, Inc., and we can help your business choose the best software to meet its needs.

Missing product information, late shipments, and inaccurate inventory reports can wreak havoc on your company’s ability to provide excellent customer service. Before customers defect to competitors, consider how you can use software to improve your ability to manage your warehouse and track inventory.

With Sage 100 and Acumatica’s inventory and warehouse modules, real-time updates can help you keep on top of inventory needs and track inventory flow easily and quickly. The updated information available from these systems can help you keep customers happier longer, which leads to retention and higher sales.

Real-Time information Is Vital to Good Customer Service

Real-time information is essential for strong customer service. It can help you manage costs, reduce downtime and inventory excess, and improve forecasting. Access to comprehensive supply chain data is essential to improve communications and, in turn, customer service.

Real-time visibility, along with collaboration from all points of the supply chain, provides you with the information you need to stay on top of the daily changes in your business. Information is power, and with the right system at work for your manufacturing operation, you can use that power to grow your revenues.

Make Better Business Decisions

When the entire supply chain has access to real-time, accurate information, everyone can make better business decisions. This, in turn, supports improved service.

Accurate, timely data is the fuel that helps your company run, and it can help you make better decisions. With such data, you can:

  • Manage inventory better
  • Optimize turns
  • Reduce overhead
  • Control the order process
  • Communicate order status
  • Procure materials quickly
  • Reduce excess production and related costs
  • Identify and correct inefficiencies
  • Improve staffing by moving workers to key demand spots

These benefits are roads leading to one goal: revenue growth. By reducing costs, selling more, and better managing inventory and shipments, you’ll improve inventory management, order fulfillment, and customer satisfaction. This can lead to repeat business, lowered costs and higher profits. It’s a winning proposition.

Managers Need Accurate Data

To take the appropriate business actions, managers in your company need accurate data. Sage 100 and Acumatica both provide real-time data that your company’s managers can use to make informed decisions.

A centralized system can alert all parts of the supply chain that products must be pulled from inventory and replaced. The same with issues such as product defects, mistakes in packaging, and other typical manufacturing problems.

Managers handle problems daily. With accurate data, they can act confidently and proactively to address any problems that occur. You are empowering them through data to make better decisions.

ASI Can Help

Accounting Systems Incorporated (ASI) provides ERP, accounting, and other software and systems to help your company grow. Our focus is ensuring a good match between software and systems to our customers’ needs.

Sage 100 and 100c offers a powerful enterprise resource planning system. Sage offers business modules that integrate with its base ERP programs to build out the system specifications that you need. You can add Sage Fixed Assets Software, for example, to track and monitor your company’s fixed assets, Sage CRM to communicate better with customers, Sage HR to handle payroll and HR paperwork, and more.

Acumatica remains a popular software, primarily with customers in the manufacturing sector. It is a cloud ERP system that enables real-time synchronization and updates throughout your company. Acumatica is one of the leading providers of cloud ERP and a favorite among those who analyze ERP software. Project accounting, custom project management, and other features make it a great partner for certain industries.

ASI wants to help your business find the best software for its needs. To learn more, visit our website, or call us at 803-252-6154.