In 2002, job developers at Fresno City College noticed that there was a big demand for accountants who could use MAS 90 (now named Sage 100).  Business Instructor, Richard Tuttrup, recalled, “I was told, if my business division could develop a class around MAS 90, the college could help place the students.  We could see this would be a huge benefit to the college, students, and local employers.”

Richard contacted Sage’s college donation program to secure an educational license for the software, but one of the requirements was to find a consultant that could provide installation, education and on-going support services for the system.  Fresno City College was referred to a local consultant, Karen O’Lane, with Accounting Systems Inc (ASI).  Karen states, “I was excited to help. It sounded like a terrific program that would be a win for everyone.”

Once the software was secured, Karen helped the IT department get it installed, provided education for the instructors and has performed upgrades and helped with questions about the software.  “That was 14 years ago,” stated Richard.  “Since that time, Karen has volunteered her time by answering questions, coordinating upgrade installations and supporting us as we need it.  She helps to keep us on the cutting edge and treats us like a paying customer in the spirit of moving things forward.  We have graduated a lot of accounting students and having the Sage 100 education really sweetens their resumes.”

Fresno City College is the only community college in state that offers the Sage 100 Fundamentals Accounting class and uses the software to facilitate teaching accounting and technology.  The program has had an enormous impact on the marketability of Fresno City College accounting students.  Richard recalled, “When a local tire factory laid off a lot of their ‘blue collar’ workers, those workers came to the college for re-education.  One of those students, with just basic financial accounting and the Sage 100 class, was able to secure a job as assistant controller of a company that manufactures agricultural tanks.  He has progressed and is now the controller.  He had never worked in an office before.  That is a huge testimonial and just one example of what this program has been able to do.”

Richard concluded, “Without Karen’s help, expertise and assistance, none of this would have happened. We are so grateful to ASI for their ongoing support.”

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