This past January, over 2000 people attended Acumatica’s annual summit in Las Vegas. This year’s focus was on “future-proof solutions” for businesses. What exactly does that mean? It’s not about some space-age fantasy. It’s about adaptability in today’s rapidly changing business climate.

Adaptability is so vital today that CPO Ali Jani summed it up this way, “Business agility is an essential capability to endure and prevail against large external forces such as global pandemics, climate change, and international supply chain shortages. Agility has become critical for business success and survival—enabling companies to forge through disruption and emerge savvier on the other side. Companies can leverage Acumatica’s innovative platform to modernize analog processes and remain on the cutting edge.”

Not So Distant Future

Because the business world is changing so quickly, adaptability is needed from year to year, and even day to day. When we talk about making a business “future-proof,” we can easily be discussing the very near future.

In his opening keynote speech, Acumatica CEO Jon Roskill highlighted how adaptability in business is more important than ever before.

According to Roskill, “The goal is to continuously extract deep value from our software, every hour of every day. Extracting value leads to accelerating business agility, solving problems, and building a sustainable future.

“In a nutshell, this means companies today must have the ability and agility to pivot in response to unexpected challenges.”

Leading By Example

When Jon Roskill talks about accelerating business agility, he isn’t only talking about his customers. He leads by example by making sure Acumatica is competitive and groundbreaking.

During the Summit, Acumatica presented new high-productivity features, industry-leading mobile apps, multi-cloud integrations, and more—because when Acumatica offers cutting-edge innovation, your business gains the agility it needs.

Some of these new offerings include:

Acumatica Document Cloud in partnership with Adobe: Adobe eSign, PDF Annotator, and other capabilities are integrated into one solution, streamlining document management, and simplifying licensing.

Autodesk integration: This new integration enables customers to track construction costs and project planning documents using Acumatica and ProEst (an Autodesk company).

IBS Imperium acquisition: IBS is a property management system already available through the Acumatica Marketplace as an independent software vendor. It’s a complete financial management suite that allows streamlining tasks like lease abstracting, tenant billings, and more.

Roskill said, “This is an important addition to our product offering as real estate property management is a large and growing sub-vertical where we intend to compete even more successfully.”

UiPath Connector and the Amazon Connector: UiPath’s RPA technology allows you to automate repetitive tasks, and Acumatica’s commerce-enabled ERP integrates with Amazon through the new Selling Partner API.

As is typical for Acumatica, these new releases are based on customer requests and input. Clearly, adaptability is a tremendous need for companies today, and Acumatica is up to the challenge!

Agility Means Growth

By leveraging AI and machine learning, Acumatica can enhance customer lives by increasing business agility, meeting customer needs, and focusing on a sustainable future.

With business agility comes business growth, and Acumatica is ready to grow right along with your business. Acumatica’s solutions can solve your company’s pain points. They understand your business and will be with you at every step of your journey.

Are you ready to grow?

Contact ASI today if you’re ready to learn more about how Acumatica can help you future-proof your business.