ERP distribution software can have a significant impact on your business. Your business will be more efficient, more automated, and less expensive with the help of this technology. See how Acumatica ERP distribution software can boost your business’s growth potential.

Higher Sales

The rule is simple: to increase profits by either increasing sales while reducing expenses or decreasing expenses while keeping sales constant (or growing). So how can a distribution company increase its sales, and how can ERP distribution software help?

It is important to have the right tools at your disposal if you want to increase sales in these difficult times of razor-thin margins and tight competition. Distribution software is one of those tools. Customer relationship management (CRM) systems such as Acumatica Distribution Edition can help your company market more effectively to existing customers. You can also manage all sales and contact points from one central location with features such as connected commerce and POS systems.

Better Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management and warehouse replenishment are two other areas of focus for many distributors. It’s one thing to receive sales orders, but another to not be able to fulfill them. Using ERP distribution software to better manage the supply chain will allow you to avoid stockouts, find vendors to meet your supply chain needs, and ensure timely warehouse replenishment.

Automated Transactions

Make the most of every opportunity to grow your business. Automating warehouse and distribution center processes and using software that allows you to add wave and batch picking as well as better stock control are some of the features that automating warehouse and distribution centers can offer.

Barcode scanners automate the process of tracking inventory so that every time an item is moved, you can automatically document its new location without having to manually adjust the system. Picking in waves and batches saves time and effort and improves productivity.

A strong competitive advantage can be gained from cutting-edge software. This is particularly important in distribution, where margins are tight.

Improved Customer Service

Give your customer service an honest evaluation. Have you considered ERP distribution software as a way to improve customer service? Customers are kept up to date on the status of their orders and stock in real-time, so there is no guesswork involved. Having fewer stockouts means fewer angry customers who are left searching for a new supplier.

All these little changes add up to a big increase in customer service and satisfaction, which will lead to repeat business from your best customers. It is always less expensive to deal with repeat orders than to win new customers. Enhance customer service across all of your operations to maximize existing customer relationships.

Let Acumatica Help Grow Your Business

Manufacturers and distributors alike agree: Acumatica ERP drives business growth. This ERP system’s ease of use, adaptability, openness to third-party apps, cloud integration, and convenient licensing model all make it a valuable enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for your business.

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