Are you wasting time entering data into your Sage 100 ERP system?

Sage-100-ERP-ShortcutsAs the year ends and you are scrambling for extra time to complete projects, finish reports and fill customer orders, you really don’t have time to waste entering data and information into your company’s ERP system. While ERP itself automates the data entry process significantly, there are still ways your company could save time when entering data into the system. A few months ago we introduced a list of Handy Sage 100 ERP Data Entry Shortcuts designed to help you reduce any inefficiencies you may be experiencing in the data entry process. This month, we’d like to offer just a few more shortcuts and keystrokes to make your holiday time-crunch a little more bearable.

The following is a complete guide to the Sage 100 ERP “hotkeys”, along with some helpful data entry shortcuts and keystrokes. As always, contact us if you have any questions or could use some help gaining greater efficiency out of your Sage 100 ERP system.

Simplifying Data Entry with Common Sage 100 ERP Buttons and Icons

Instead of the Memo button, use ALT+M to open the Memo Maintenance menu.

Instead of the Search button, use ALT+S / ALT+X (X=unique) to activate the Search feature for records and display the search option.

Instead of the Calculator button, use F2 to open the calculator.

Instead of the Zoom button, use ALT+Z/ALT+X (X=unique) to drill down to detail information for the item selected.

Instead of the Calendar button, use F2 to open the calendar.

Instead of the Add Items button, use ALT+I to open the Add Items to Physical Inventory window.

Instead of the Add Lot/Serial button, use ALT+L to open the Add New Lot/Serial Number.

Instead of the Change Budget button, use ALT+B to display options for changing budget amounts.

Instead of the Unselect All button, use ALT+U to deselect all rows in a grid.

Instead of the Select All button, use ALT+S to select all rows in a grid.

Instead of the Insert Row button, use ALT+N to insert a row in a grid.

Instead of the Move Up button, use ALT+U to move a row up in a grid.

Instead of the Move Down button, use ALT+W to move a row down in a grid.

Instead of the Delete Row button, use ALT+E to delete a row in a grid.

Instead of the Reset Row button, use ALT+E to reset a row in a grid.

Instead of the Save button, use ALT+S to save the current entry.

Instead of the Text button, use ALT+I to open a Text Maintenance window where you can write an extended description.

Important Sage 100 ERP Keystrokes to Know

TAB – Moves to the next field.

ENTER – Moves to the next logical field.

SPACEBAR – Selects or clears a check box or radio button.

BACKSPACE – Deletes your entry at a field.

HOME – Moves to the first page in a list box.

END – Moves to the last page in a list box.

ESC – Closes the current window.

CTRL+HOME – Moves focus to the first row in the same cell.

CTRL+END – Moves focus to the last row in the same cell.

CTRL+ENTER – In a grid, adds line feeds to comments.

CTRL+INSERT – Inserts a line.

CTRL+DELETE – Deletes the current line.

PAGE UP – Moves to the previous page in a list box or grid.

PAGE DOWN – Moves to the next page in a list box or grid.

F1 – Displays Help text for the current field.

F5 – Toggles between the Primary and Secondary grids.

ARROW – Moves focus from cell to cell.

ALT+1, 2, 3… – In a data entry window, selects the first tab, second tab, third tab, and so forth.

Interested in learning more Sage 100 ERP tips and tricks? Stay tuned to our blog!