Supply chain management is a complicated process that involves the sourcing of raw materials, the production of products, the storage and distribution of goods, and the delivery of products to customers. All these moving parts can create many challenges that must be overcome in order for a business to be successful. To help keep all these moving parts in sync, you need an effective business management tool. One of the best solutions is a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution like Acumatica.

Supply Chain Management Challenges

As with any new system implementation, supply chain management software can bring challenges. For example:

  • Cost: Installing a supply chain management software solution can be costly – especially because SCM is complex and may require more than out-of-the-box functionality. Customization fees add up quickly, as do the per-user costs most systems charge.
  • Complexity: SCM software can be difficult to use, and businesses may need to invest in training for their employees.
  • Data integration: SCM software requires integration with a variety of other systems, such as ERP and customer relationship management (CRM) systems. This can be a complex and time-consuming process.
  • Security: Supply chain management systems can contain sensitive data, such as customer orders and financial information. Businesses need to ensure that their software is secure from cyberattacks.
  • Change management: Implementing supply chain management software can require significant changes to business processes. Businesses need to carefully manage the change process to ensure that the software is adopted successfully.

Despite these challenges, supply chain management software can offer a number of benefits to businesses. By carefully considering the challenges involved, businesses can make informed decisions about whether or not to implement supply chain management software.

How Acumatica Helps You Overcome These Challenges

A great way to overcome many of the above challenges is by building SCM right into your ERP. Here are some benefits to using your ERP for supply chain management:

  • Better visibility across global processes: With an ERP solution at the center of your operations, you have visibility into every aspect of your supply chain processes. You can see what’s happening locally and globally in real time. With personalized dashboards and customized reporting, you can address potential pain points with pinpoint precision—before they even pop up. This ensures products are made correctly, orders are delivered on time, and satisfied shoppers become loyal customers.
  • Higher data accuracy: Data is knowledge, and the more data you have, the more informed you are—unless the data is incorrect. Employees are human, and even the most careful and detail-oriented among them will make occasional mistakes. An ERP solution automates data entry, algorithm calculations, report creation, and more, improving your business’s accuracy and eliminating your teams’ concerns about making costly mistakes.
  • Lower overall costs: Automated supply chain workflows reduce your reliance on time-consuming, manual tasks. An ERP solution automates most inventory, purchasing, manufacturing, distribution, scheduling, and accounting management processes, so operations can be run remotely and/or on autopilot. With an ERP system, you can work smarter instead of harder, increase efficiency, boost the bottom line with powerful automation, and lower overall operating costs.
  • Enhanced creativity: By using an ERP solution to automate tedious, routine, time-consuming tasks, you’ll free your teams from the constraints those tasks place on their roles and encourage individual creativity. Employees can then concentrate their efforts on work that adds value. This leads to innovative thinking that improves your business operations and will eventually give you an edge over the competition.

Ready to Get Started?

Like the center of a wheel, Acumatica connects a business end-to-end, integrating every function, process, and workflow and ensuring that each one drives smoothly forward. Data from every department stream into and out of the ERP solution, giving team members access to the updated, accurate information they need to successfully do their jobs. Acumatica automates and simplifies critical activities, including SCM tasks, so your teams can focus on more important, higher-value work.

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