The scarcity of skilled workers is a pressing issue for various sectors, notably manufacturing. The demand for skilled labor is soaring, and numerous companies are grappling with the challenge of filling vacancies left by employees who departed or were dismissed during the pandemic.

Of course, technology cannot solve every problem. There are many necessary steps to take in order to address the skilled worker deficit. Strategies such as broadening your recruitment base, providing incentives, and enhancing wages are effective methods to draw talent to your organization.

Yet, the significance of optimal software cannot be overstated. A cutting-edge ERP system interlinks your business data, streamlines pivotal processes, and augments your company’s operational efficiency. It also boosts employee contentment, motivating your workforce to stay committed to your company.

Although skilled labor shortages present a complex problem, adopting an appropriate ERP approach can significantly mitigate the issues they cause. Here are 3 ways in which an ERP can help you address a skilled labor deficit.

Three ERP Strategies to Counteract Skilled Labor Shortages

  1. Boosting Operational Efficiency

Primarily, your ERP approach should prioritize operational efficiency. An ERP can significantly enhance your company’s productivity by automating essential functions across various departments. With the right extensions or modules, your ERP can manage payroll, tax records, data compilation, error monitoring, demand prediction, and more.

Automating routine tasks liberates your employees to concentrate on more strategic activities. In some cases, this may even allow you to forgo filling a vacant role. At a minimum, your ERP approach will conserve your staff’s time and enable more informed resource allocation.

For example, an alternative to hiring a skilled worker is providing an existing employee with the training and resources she needs to become skilled. An ERP can give her the time she needs to complete training.

  1. Expanding Capabilities

A robust ERP solution not only automates tasks but also unlocks new potential for your business. Cloud-based ERP systems, such as Acumatica, facilitate remote work and mobile device access, which proves invaluable in today’s job market, with many skilled workers opting for hybrid or remote positions.

Moreover, contemporary ERPs incorporate AI capabilities and machine learning to elevate your ERP’s functionality. These data-centric innovations are pivotal for strategic business management. While still under development, these features are already lessening workloads and enhancing visibility into business processes. ERPs that include AI capabilities have even more potential to alleviate the burden of tedious manual processes and workflows from your employees.

  1. Enhancing Employee Satisfaction

An ERP strategy centered on efficiency and expanded capabilities will have a direct positive impact on your workforce. Employees will spend less time on monotonous tasks and gain the ability to make informed, data-driven decisions. This also fosters better connectivity and collaboration within teams and departments, even with hybrid or remote employees.

Furthermore, the modern workforce, particularly younger employees, expect seamless technology integration in their workplaces. Having to deal with outdated software may create frustration company-wide. The flexibility and autonomy that an ERP can provide lead to happier employees and higher retention rates. In industries like manufacturing, where younger talent may hesitate to engage, advanced technology can be a significant draw.

Discover an ERP’s Benefits for Yourself

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