inventory controlInventory shrinkage can take a real bite out of your company’s bottom line. That’s why it is so important to find every means to eliminate the mistakes and theft that cause shrinkage. Using warehouse management software, barcoding systems, and some best practices, you can improve accuracy and reduce shrinkage.

The Source of Inventory Shrinkage

According to the National Supermarket Survey, often used as a bellwether in the area of shrinkage and loss control, 64 percent of losses are due to operational issues, compared to 36 percent due to theft. In other words, problems in how a business is managed—and how inventory is managed—account for the majority of shrinkage problems reported by supermarket retailers.

You may not be selling bananas or eggs, but what you are selling is also subject to shrinkage. And, according to the same survey, operational-caused shrinkage is often due to human error. Manual counting, for instance, opens the potential for many mistakes and under-reporting of inventory, leading to incorrect data and a higher shrinkage percent.

Nationwide, shrinkage costs other types of retailers $42 billion per year. Unfortunately, employee theft tops the list of reasons for this figure, along with shoplifting. But included among that mix is—you guessed it—inventory control mistakes like improperly recording inventory in the first place, misplacing inventory, or miscounting it.

Barcoding Systems Can Prevent Theft

Many companies put specific loss-prevention devices in the warehouse to prevent employee theft. This includes security personnel who monitor people moving in and out of areas where products are housed, as well as surveillance cameras, electronic warning devices that beep when moving out of authorized areas, and other loss-prevention methods.

But what if barcoding itself could be used as a theft deterrent? Many experts have noted that the risk of getting caught can outweigh a thief’s need to steal. For instance, thieves target homes and businesses without guards or surveillance cameras because they are less likely to get caught.

When your warehouse uses barcodes, thieves know that the inventory control is watched carefully. You can spot shrinkages almost instantly, as well as shrinkage trends that can indicate something inappropriate is going on in your warehouse. If you notice that one item keeps coming up short, you can investigate who has access to that item, and when the inventory levels change. That may provide you with clues about who is responsible for the shrinkage.

3 Ways to Reduce Shrinkage in the Warehouse

There are several best practices warehouse managers can use to reduce shrinkage. Using automation, such as barcoding software and scanners, can help you implement these best practices.

Some of the suggested best practices from the Retail Research Group include:

  1. Use the rule of three: Order only what you can sell within three days. If it’s there longer, it’s tempting to steal. Use the data from your inventory management system to reorder products selling more briskly and to hold off ordering slowly-moving products.
  2. Investigate losses immediately: Use your inventory data to spot losses that are unaccounted for and investigate them immediately. If your staff knows you’re on top of things, they’re less likely to give in to temptation.
  3. Incorporate scanning and product IDs: The more you can automate inventory control, the better. Scanning unique product IDs with barcodes makes it easier to track every item, down to the last detail.

You may not be able to prevent all losses, but the more you can prevent, the better your bottom line. Start with smart procedures and common sense. Then use a good scanning system for inventory control. Sage 100 warehouse management or Acumatica Distribution Module combined with barcoding systems makes it easier to control your inventory and track items. When staff know you’ve got your eye on every product and can access inventory details with the click of a mouse, they’ll be on their guard and may be less likely to succumb to temptation.

Inventory Control Solutions from ASI

Accounting Systems, Inc., (ASI) has extensive experience working with manufacturers and distributors to improve their inventory control systems. If you are looking to improve your warehouse operations, we have a solution for you. Through great ERP software, inventory control systems, and warehouse automation, we make it easier to track, manage, and monitor inventory levels. If you would like a demo, contact us or give us a call at (803) 252-6154. Our distribution experts can help you reap the benefits of an inventory control system.