Everyone thinks of Barcoding as a tool to keep the warehouse efficient.  While it definitely achieves that goal, there are some unexpected customer service benefits that come along with a barcoding system.  Because customers are the lifeblood of every company, we thought it would be helpful to share just how a barcoding system can help you keep your customers happy and coming back for more. 

Your Customers Always Receive the Right Product

Customers are never happy when they order a specific product and receive something else.  They may have timed that delivery to work in conjunction with one of their own customer or project deadlines and they don’t want the hassle of returning then waiting for the correct item to arrive.  A barcoding system forces you to scan each item as it is picked and packed to ensure that your customer is getting exactly what they ordered.  If the wrong item is scanned, the handheld user is immediately notified so that the incorrect item can be replaced with the one that they ordered.  Shipping with a barcoding system results in 99% shipping accuracy which means that your customers will almost never have to deal with the hassle of a shipping error.

They have Access to Accurate Stock Status

Customers that place bulk orders need to know exactly how much you have on-hand before they place an order.  If you promise 5,000 pieces then discover that you only have 3,500 in stock, you will have a difficult phone call to make.  Barcoding systems track inventory throughout the entire process so that you know exactly when an item has been received in inventory or allocated to another sales order and shipment.  The numbers in your ERP system are always correct which means that your customer can always get an honest answer about stock status.

They are only billed for what was shipped

When your customer orders several items, they may be shipped in a series of shipments.   If they receive an invoice for an item that they have not yet received, you may receive a call from a frustrated customer.  A barcoding system will track exactly what was shipped then send the information to your ERP system to invoice.  Back orders will be appropriately represented on the order and the customer will only be charged for what was shipped.

Do you have other ideas for how to use barcoding for customer service?  Comment below to share them with us!  Ready to experience the benefits of barcoding for your business?  Contact us today!