It’s a good time to be a job seeker. As of April 2019, unemployment was at a historic low of 3.6 percent, the lowest rate since December 1969. Fewer people unemployed means less competition for open jobs. If you’ve been looking for a job change, now’s the time to get that resume together.

On the other hand, low unemployment can be a challenge for companies trying to fill open roles. There are fewer competing candidates because there are more competing job opportunities. This means that HR and recruiting teams have a lot of work to do to not only attract good candidates, but keep the great employees they have. One of the easiest ways to do this is having the right set of tools to manage employee benefits, employee records, and applicant information.

Centralized Human Resources Management

Sage HRMS offers better human resources management. With Sage HRMS, you can provide employee self-service benefits management. Employees can review their personnel records, make updates and changes to information, and find benefits information all through a centralized portal. Not only does this centralization save them time (and make their lives easier), it saves the HR team time as well.

Another great feature of Sage HRMS is its ability to link directly to your payroll and accounting system. This direct link can automatically calculate payroll, taxes, and social security payments, making it much easier and faster to manage all the functions associated with employee benefits and payroll.

Streamlined Applicant Tracking Systems

Another new software that’s helping employers in a tight job market is an applicant tracking system. According to a report from Software Advice, 26 percent of recruiters said that an applicant tracking system led to a positive experience among applicants. That’s good news, because first impressions are lasting impressions. A positive applicant experience certainly contributes to an overall good impression of your company, and in a tight job market, you need every advantage you can get. You want potential new hires to perceive your company as a great place to work from the second they fill out an application.

An applicant tracking system facilitates job applications, from completing the initial paperwork to screening work histories according to established criteria. The system must be easy to both understand and navigate from the applicant’s perspective, and useful for the employer.

Good applicant tracking systems are beneficial adjuncts to a comprehensive HRMS system that helps you manage the employment process from the initial application through employment. The data derived from both systems can help you understand the type of people your company currently attracts and how to improve recruiting efforts to appeal to the best candidates available and build a strong workforce.

Two Are Better Than One: Sage HRMS and Cyber Recruiter

Sage HRMS Cyber Recruiter blends new applicant tracking features so you can always be recruiting, seeking the best and brightest people to fill top spots in your company. Cyber Recruiter offers an excellent tool to manage candidates from the initial contact through to the final offer.

Sage HRMS Cyber Recruiter along with the basic functions of Sage HRMS helps you:

  1. Improve your company’s ability to recruit and retain top-notch personnel.
  2. Monitor recruiting channels and utilize the most productive ones.
  3. Provide a friendly workplace with easy access to benefits.
  4. Appeal to new employees and those who want only the best workplace.

When the recruiting pool is small due to low unemployment, you need to use all the tools at your disposal to fill vacancies with top people. Let Sage help with you with its robust suite of HRMS software for your business needs.

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