Improve-Inventory-Management-Sage-Inventory-AdvisorIf we asked you what your top inventory challenges are today, could you identify them? Do you know what inventory-related issues are putting the most strain on your company? If not, you’re putting your company at risk for more than just a few stock-outs. Poor inventory management can have a direct impact on your company’s profitability, customer service, and productivity; therefore, having insight into your inventory levels is crucial. Without it, you have no way of identifying your top inventory issues and risk fixing things that aren’t even broken.

Inventory management is important, and being able to identify your problem areas before they impact your profitability is crucial. With Sage Inventory Advisor, manufacturers and distributors have instant access to the information they need to effectively manage their inventory levels and solve problems as they arise. The software identifies the top 5 inventory issues every day, giving manufacturers and distributors valuable insight into their inventory situation and allowing them to focus on the issues that need immediate attention.  This will help manufacturers and distributors prioritize planning, stocking, replenishing, and forecasting for greater efficiency.

The introduction of Sage Inventory Advisor has done wonders for those in the manufacturing and distribution industry. This cloud-based solution is not only easy to install, but it is also affordable, allowing companies to achieve a full return on investment (ROI) quickly and easily. It helps companies reduce stock outs, excess inventory, and working capital, as well as connects seamlessly to the data in Sage 100 ERP to deliver inventory health checks, produce quality forecasts, and reduce the time spent on manual tasks.

Take a look at the primary benefits manufacturers and distributors just like you are experiencing after implementing Sage Inventory Advisor:

  • Reduce excess inventory by 10% – 15% and improve inventory turns
  • Improve fill rates by 2% – 10% and eliminate stock outs
  • Reduce working capital and free up 15% – 20% of cash tied into inventory
  • Reduce time spent on forecasting by as much as 50%

The benefits of using an inventory management solution to improve your inventory control are astounding. Contact us today to learn more about how Sage Inventory Advisor can help you identify your top inventory issues so you can focus on making improvements.